The spring frenzy begins.

Five new Broadway shows started previews during the week ending March 26, helping Rialto grosses outdraw even the previous week’s strong showing. The 30 shows on the boards took in $17,146,090, up about $800,000 from the prior sesh.

Among the new offerings are two big-budget tuners, “Tarzan” and “Lestat,” that everyone has their eye on.

The $149,856 taken in by Disney’s “Tarzan” might seem like a pittance, especially by “The Lion King” standards. But the show played only two performances — part of an unusual sked of staggered previews that allows the show’s creators to tinker on dark days — and the top pre-opening ticket price is just $75, the lowest on the Great White Way. Attendance for “Tarzan” hit 100%.

“Lestat” did some robust biz of its own during its one-performance week. Show brought in $113,807 from a house that was more than 96% full.

Also looking good: The Roundabout’s “Threepenny Opera” ($361,936), playing five perfs to auds that were more than 95% of capacity.

Rounding out the rookies were “Festen” ($201,085 for five perfs) and “Awake and Sing!” ($70,594 for three).

Elsewhere on the Rialto, “Jersey Boys” ($997,640) broke another house record at the August Wilson but didn’t quite make it to a million-dollar week.

“The Producers” ($796,265) saw the biggest drop, after a booming sesh last week.

And heading toward its March 30 opening, “Well” ($91,296) continues to post low numbers, hoping a dose of critical praise might help it get better.