No one’s snoozing at “The Drowsy Chaperone” box office.

The tuner recouped its $8 million capitalization Nov. 26, just thirty weeks after it bowed on the Rialto this spring, according to the show’s producers.

That’s fairly quick by Rialto standards. Another strong seller that opened last season, “The Color Purple,” recently recouped its $11 million initial investment, but took about six months longer. (“Purple” opened Dec. 1, 2005, while “Drowsy” bowed May 1.)

“Drowsy” surprised many Gotham legiters when the tuner, an unheralded and late-breaking Rialto entry that preemed in L.A. last winter, managed to build into a box office and critical success in New York.

Show, with score by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison and book by Bob Martin and Don McKellar, also took home five Tonys this spring.