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Voice talents sing Pixar’s praises

Foley, Allen, Goodman tout good working conditions

Dave Foley, Flik, “A Bug’s Life”

“They are the nicest people in show business. They just make you feel so comfortable and confident and make you feel like you’re contributing.”

Tim Allen, Buzz Lightyear, “Toy Story”

“Certainly what is unique about Pixar is that they actually came to my house in Michigan when I was doing ‘Home Improvement’ to work out what Buzz Lightyear would sound like, and to have John Lasseter take my advice.”

John Goodman, Sully, “Monsters, Inc.”

“The Hawaiian shirts I get from Lasseter say it all. They’re loosey-goosey but some of the most professional people I’ve ever met.”

Albert Brooks, Marlin, “Finding Nemo”

“They had an idea from the very beginning to create something that was apart from Hollywood and unique, and I think they pulled it off amazingly well.”

Craig T. Nelson, Mr. Incredible, “The Incredibles”

“Anatomically it’s just so difficult to give (human cartoon characters) a lifelikeness, but they’re willing to take that risk because they believed in the story.”

Ellen DeGeneres, Dory, “Finding Nemo”

“They are classy and creative and a good group of people. I hope to work with them again.”

Samuel L. Jackson, Frozone, “The Incredibles”

“I haven’t done a lot of films that little children can see. ‘The Incredibles’ has given me a fan base of kids between the ages of 5 and 9 that recognize me.”