WHY: A 2004 “American Idol” finalist, Hudson’s spin through the star-making machine helped her secure the role of Effie in Bill Condon’s movie adaptation of Tony-winning musical “Dreamgirls.”

IDOL FIND: Does she want to get away from being known as an “Idol” finalist? “It’s nothing I would try to hide or disconnect myself from,” Hudson says. “It’s part of my history. And (the show) should get credit, at least some, for where I am today. Because without ‘Idol,’ I never would have been seen in ‘Dreamgirls.’ Later, down the line, people can look back and say, ‘Look how she did it, look what she did.’ ”

Do the “American Idol” producers get a cut of your movie money? “Not at all.”

MAKING IT ‘HER OWN’: Why was she right for Effie? “There are a lot of things I can identify with. My experience through ‘Idol’ is the Effie story to a certain extent,” Hudson says.