WHY: The 24-year-old thesp already has one huge sci-fi franchise under her belt, playing Queen Amidala in George Lucas’ three “Star Wars” prequels — which together earned nearly $2 billion in global box office.

Now, Portman is stepping into the realm of “Matrix” creators Andy and Larry Wachowski, who know a little something themselves about billion-dollar sci-fi franchises. Opening Friday, “V for Vendetta” will feature Portman in the lead role of one of the more eagerly anticipated entries of the early blockbuster season.

VERNAL VIRTUES: Once again, Portman will subject herself to the slings and arrows of nerdly fan-page posts and blogs. Does she have any thoughts about stepping into yet another prominent spring sci-fi release?

“Luckily, every interaction with fans has been really positive,” she says. “It’s exciting to be part of movies that have such a passionate audience. That’s the best you can ask for from moviegoers, to care as much as you do about the final product.”

WHAT’S NEXT: In December, she filmed “Goya’s Ghosts” with director Milos Forman. She’ll play Molly opposite Dustin Hoffman in Zach Helm’s “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium,” now in pre-production. Most recently she filmed a wacky Wes Anderson short with Jason Schwartzman.