WHY: Last year, Vaughn starred in the film that was most responsible for the resurgence of feature comedy, New Line’s “Wedding Crashers,” which took in more than $200 million domestically. And in a year of top feature comedy perfs — ShoWest denizens also considered “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” star Steve Carrell for their laffer award — Vaughn’s work in “Crashers” stood out.

CRASH AND CARRY: “While (co-star Owen) Wilson spends much of his time pining, Vaughn’s rapid-fire dialogue yields most of the comedic highlights, from labeling a woman a ‘Stage 5 clinger’ to his hushed reverence toward the fellow who originated the wedding crasher’s art, leading to the inevitable (and, after the first glimpse, pretty ho-hum) celebrity cameo,” read Variety’s review.

Now, Vaughn is reaping the rewards of a vital genre. He has a number of comedy pics either in production or development, starting with “The Break-Up” alongside Jennifer Aniston, which premieres in June.