Is “Dallas” going to be shot in Dallas?

Not if Jacksonville, Fla., can help it.

With cameras due to roll in November on the bigscreen version of the primetime sudser, Fox and New Regency are being wooed, much like the queen of junior prom.

Dallas is stressing its connection to the series via a “Shoot J.R. in Dallas” campaign, and the local film commission is pushing to come up with something better than just the current sales and use tax exemptions. “I’m confident we will see ‘Dallas’ shot in Dallas, but the jury is just out on how much of it,” says film commissioner Janis Birtland.

Jacksonville is offering a $2 million incentive via a Florida program that provides a 15% rebate on funds spent in the state. There’s also a duplicate of the TV show’s Southfork mansion available, and Florida resident John Travolta, who’ll play J.R. Ewing, has endorsed Jacksonville.

“We also have been stressing that we have a great infrastructure in place,” says commissioner Todd Rooben. But he admits that with Florida’s program capped at $2 million per project, it’s quite possible another state, the Texas-adjacent Louisiana, may have a shot.

The bayou state, which has operated an aggressive incentive program since 2002, is in the mix even though it hasn’t made a play, according to state film commissioner Alex Schott.

Louisiana tweaked its program this year to provide for a 10% credit of a film’s aggregate Louisiana payroll, in addition to an infrastructure tax credit of 15% for construction of new production facilities or studios.