U.K. mentoring program launches

Guiding Light plan has an impressive list of bizzers

A U.K. mentoring plan, aimed at helping emerging talent flourish under the close mentoring of established figures in the Brit film industry, launched Wednesday at London’s Soho Hotel.

The Guiding Light plan, jointly mounted by government-sector skills body Skillset and training org Lighthouse, has signed up an impressive list of industry honchos, including helmers Paul Greengrass, Stephen Frears and Gurinder Chadha, producers Michael Kuhn and Andrew Eaton, agent Tim Corrie and sales agent Jane Barclay.

Each volunteer has been twinned with a bright new talent and has a year to impart his or her wisdom.

The initiative is part of A Bigger Future, the U.K. film skills strategy, funded by national lottery money and industry investment.

Young talents were chosen from a raft of applicants who have some experience in the film industry.

The Guiding Lights steering committee is chaired by Tim Bevan, co-chairman of Working Title, who observed: “Training in film is very difficult, as most skills used in the movie business, from producer to production runner, are learned on the job. This is why the concept of mentoring is such a good one for our industry.

“Having a formal bond, where someone learning about their chosen career in the industry can have ongoing advice from someone with great experience, should be invaluable and help in the demystifying of all of our roles.”