Nordisk ramps up local distribution efforts

Grunler tapped to head new company

Scandi major Nordisk Film is setting up its own distribution arm in Sweden on Jan. 1.

The local industry has been speculating about Nordisk’s plans for the country since July, when it said it would end its 17-year arrangement with Sony Pictures Releasing Intl. at the end of the year.

Stepping out with the moniker Film Distribution Sweden, the new company will be headed by Pia Grunler, former Nordic release manager at Nordisk.

Upcoming theatrical titles include the Tom Tykwer helmed “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer,” the Milos Forman helmed “Goya’s Ghosts” and Swedish drama “The One You Love,” helmed by Ake Sandgren.

Nordisk is already a major distributor, and well-known brand, in the other Scandinavian countries — Denmark, Norway and Finland. But it is little-known in Sweden, where its distrib will also handle DVD releases.

Nordisk also has acquired a 50% stake in Danish production company Substanz. The company specializes in the production of DVDs containing archive footage of everyday life in Denmark and Norway. It has sold 330,000 DVDs since 2004. Swedish and Finnish versions are now being produced too.