Newspapers still used by filmgoers

Study sez printed movie reviews the most influential

The Moviegoer’s Newspaper Useage Study presented by Neilsen NRG was released for the first time at ShoWest on Tuesday.

The eye-opening results refute conventional belief that moviegoers no longer use the newspaper to make decisions.

Moviegoers are defined as 44% (115 million) of the 18-plus U.S. population who see at least one movie per year. This figure represents 63% of all moviegoers and 90% of all movie admissions; a movie studio’s primary target. Newspaper users are a stable population and do not vary by demographic.

Among the highlights, 84% of moviegoers said that they use a newspaper with varying frequency. The Entertainment Section of the paper is used most by moviegoers, with a 65% useage rate.

Although 48% of moviegoers said that newspaper content contributed to their awareness of a movie, this was surpassed by theatrical trailers (50%) and television (73%). Yet, half of all moviegoers said that the newspaper was their primary source used in making movie plans.

For movie reviews, the most influential type is one that is printed in a newspaper (26%) which equals the influence of a review that appears on TV. The study found that a positive movie review is more likely to increase a moviegoer’s interest than a negative review will detract their interest.

Chief Information Officer Allied Advertising’s Clint Kendall said, “The general goal was to get this in front of all the movie companies.See this as an ongoing process. Get more details and see how this changes over time.”