MPAA, NGS, Chinese org co-host fest

Trio team on 'China Film Festival-2006 U.S.A'

The Motion Picture Assn. of America, along with the National Geographic Society and the China State Administration of Radio, Film & Television, will co-host “China Film Festival-2006 U.S.A.,” skedded to coincide with President Hu Jintao’s second visit to D.C.

Between April 17 and 22, six Chinese movies made within last two years will screen at either MPAA offices or the nearby National Geographic Society.

“In honor of the visit of President Hu Jintao to our nation’s capital, along with the celebration of the Chinese film industry’s 100th anniversary in 2005, we thought it appropriate to provide a special forum to celebrate China’s achievement in film,” said MPAA topper Dan Glickman in a statement.

“We applaud the idea of bringing the focus on Chinese culture through some of their most recent and exciting cinema,” said NGS prexy-chief John Fahey in a statement.

Hu comes at a time of tension between the U.S. and China over Taiwan’s status and bilateral trade. The U.S. recently filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization against China over auto parts, and administration officials have implied that a complaint over piracy may be next.