More digital biz in Norway

Arts Alliance Media pacts with Kristiansand

Digital cinema firm Art Alliance Media has forged a partnership with Kristiansand Digital Cinema Alliance for a trial rollout of digital cinema to10 screens in Norway.

KDCA is a recently formed grouping of Norwegian distributors, exhibs and film technology orgs with an aim toward digitizing all of Norway.

Just over a year ago, Arts Alliance Media won the hotly contested $20 million contract to install and maintain the U.K. Film Council’s groundbreaking 240-screen Digital Screen Network.

On Feb. 24, AAM completed phase one — 50 screens — of the ambitious rollout ahead of schedule, which delighted architects of the DSN.

“The reaction to the network from both exhibitors and distributors has been tremendously positive,” said Steve Perrin, U.K. Film Council deputy head of film distribution and exhibition.

So far 25 pics have shown on the DSN in the U.K., including “March of the Penguins,” “Good Night, and Good Luck” and current releases “Road to Guantanamo” and “The World’s Fastest Indian.”