Kurosawa’s son opens film school

Two-year degree course will be offered

Hisao Kurosawa has launched the Akira Kurosawa School for filmmakers in Tokyo. It’s named after his father, the late helmer.

Backed by Kurosawa Prods., the school will offer a two-year degree course to aspiring actors, directors and crew.

Hisao Kurosawa will run the school’s management company, Akira Kurosawa Academy. Dean of the school will be Tatsuya Nakadai, star of several Kurosawa classics, including “Yojimbo” and “Kagemusha.”

The head of instruction will be Teruyo Nogami, Kurosawa’s script supervisor and production manager, who worked on nearly all his films.

“The number of people who worked on Mr. Kurosawa’s sets is decreasing yearly,” Nogami said Wednesday at a press conference announcing the opening of the school. “I want to help young people understand how much Kurosawa loved films and how hard he worked to make them. I want people to say that the students of the Kurosawa School are something special.”

Among the regular staff are many Kurosawa veterans, who will teach editing, production design, scriptwriting, lighting, sound recording and other subjects.

Among visiting instructors will be directors Kon Ichikawa and Yoji Yamada, actors Takeshi Kato, Keiju Kobayashi and Yoko Tsukasa and veteran subtitler Natsuko Toda.

The school will begin classes in September with a freshman class of 110.