Gaul’s ‘Bronze’ is good as gold

Latest pic topped 10 million admissions mark

Three films and 25 years later, you’d think the French would have had their fill of “Les Bronzés,” the cult comedy franchise.

Mais, non.

The franchise’s latest incarnation, “Friends Forever,” a corny Gallic take on the badly behaved-tourists genre, is still on nearly 250 screens after nine weeks and recently topped the 10 million admissions mark — a perf worthy of the biggest Hollywood blockbuster. It’s grossed $75 million in France.

And, incredibly, its two predecessors delivered TF1 its biggest auds of the year. Both have aired on French TV 12 times over the past two decades.

The Alpine-set “Les Bronzes font du ski” notched up a breathtaking 12.16 million viewers — 43.2% of the viewing public — on Jan. 31.

And on March 14, “Les Bronzés,” the original movie set in a Club Med resort, garnered 12.1 million viewers, a 48% audience share.

Helmer Patrice Leconte and the troupe of French comedy talents who wrote and starred in the pic have said there won’t be a fourth installment. But who knows? Perhaps those numbers might change their minds.