“6/6/06. You have been warned.”

That’s the creepy slogan promoting Fox’s remake of “The Omen.”

But look closer: It’s also a reminder of Fox’s unorthodox strategy to open the pic globally — on a Tuesday.

Sure, some high-profile tentpoles have opened as early as Wednesday , usually ahead of a long holiday weekend. But a Tuesday bow in a regular week is sure to surprise auds and some exhibs.

The remake, which stars Liev Schreiber and Julia Stiles as a couple bedeviled by their young son, was earlier titled “The Omen 666.”

It’s now simply titled “The Omen” — not out of concern about offending anyone’s sensibilities, but simply to keep the message clear and clean.

“We didn’t want to overkill the 666 with the title but it’s clearly going to be a big part of the promotion,” says Craig Dehmel, Fox Intl.’s director of sales and strategy.

But Dehmel admits Fox may not be able to get “The Omen” into every single market on that Tuesday, given the presence of other tentpoles and the custom of opening on Fridays. It’s planning for a wide opening in the U.S., plus 5,000 more playdates overseas.

Dehmel says the Tuesday opening shouldn’t be too hard in such markets as France, where Wednesday is the change date for movies, or in Germany, where it’s Thursday, but it would be a significant challenge in other markets.

“The opening date is really our big marketing hook, but with ‘X-Men’ and ‘Da Vinci Code,’ we might have to be limited on Tuesday and go wider on Friday in some markets,” he says.