Brazil loves American tourists. But its “Turistas” are another matter.

Fox Atomic’s horror pic — in which a group of young travelers to Brazil are pursued by a gang looking to harvest their organs — is stirring Brazilian ire well ahead of the pic’s local bow.

Some Brazilians have launched an Internet campaign to boycott the film. “Let’s not give a single penny for a production that aims to harm our image,” says the group’s email message.

Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism says the government respects freedom of expression and will not take any action to prevent the distribution of “Turistas,” but the Ministry’s PR agency Embratur is launching “a series of PR actions to reduce the possible negative effects of the film on the image of Brazil.”

Marcio Fraccaroli, general director of Paris Filmes, the indie distrib that will release “Turistas” in Brazil in February, says the publicity is only likely to help the pic’s run. But he plans to soften the delivery.

“We will show before each screening a text stating Paris is against anything that harms the image of Brazil,” he says.