Bollywood thesp Sanjay Dutt was Thursday granted an extension on his bail to Jan. 18 by a judge in Mumbai, India. Dutt has been convicted of possessing illegal weapons that were used in the Mumbai bomb blasts of 1993.

Thesp, whose “Lage raho Munnabhai” (Carry on Munnabhai) was nommed by the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. in the Golden Globes foreign-language category, requested the extension to complete his films as well as tie up family affairs, including the estate of his actor father, Sunil.

Dutt, 47, was the highest-profile of 123 suspects in the bomb blasts in commercial areas of Mumbai that left 257 dead and injured hundreds more. He’s already served 18 months before being released on bail.

On Jan. 18, the court will hear Sanjay’s plea to waive further punishment. He faces a prison term of five to 10 years.