Great news for kudos connoisseurs: In 2006, the entertainment industry hosted 216 awards events, handing out a total of 3,354 honors.

This means there were 9.18 awards given out every single day of the year.

However, one has to ask: Are the mavens of pop culture falling down in some obligations? On average, there were only 4.15 awards events every week. In other words, there were nearly three days every week, 52 weeks a year, when the hungry public was deprived of red-carpet events.

Please, won’t you try a little harder in 2007?

But don’t look on the dark side. Look at the positive things that happened in 2006:

The EBE Film Festival Awards in Laughlin, Nev., were handed out to any pic that deals with UFOs.

Rob Zombie‘s “The Devil’s Rejects” took top honors at the Chainsaw Awards, which has categories such as most thrilling death scene in a film.

China gave out the Golden Roosters, as well as the poetically named Hundred Flowers Bloom Film Awards.

Of course, every film year needs its scandals. And what could top the Czech Republic’s Elsas, where competition was reduced to only one TV network, because the other two nets boycotted the awards. Boy, talk about blank Czechs …

And then there’s the recent story about one voting member at a prestigious awards gala who became so drunk she vomited and then passed out, face first, in her dinner.

To her, and to all the other kudos voters: Keep it up! And let’s have more of this in 2007!

Timothy M. Gray contributed to this re-port.