LONDON — Warner Brothers Entertainment U.K. has pacted with leading digital film distribution outfit Arts Alliance Media to make Warner Bros.’ pics and TV shows available to download-to-own to U.K. consumers.

The service launches Dec. 7 when “Superman Returns” will become available to download. Other current and archive WB pics from “Batman Begins” to “The Shining” will soon follow. The WB content will initially be available on http://www.lovefilm.com and http://www.aol.co.uk.

“This deal is completely consistent with Warner Bros.’ strategy of responding to the clear demand of our customers to offer them the widest choice possible in both the movies we offer and the manner in which customers choose to get them,” commented Josh Berger, managing director of Warner Bros. Entertainment U.K.

AAM struck similar U.K. download-to-own deals with Universal and Sony earlier this year. AAM’s other download-to-own partners are video publisher/distributor 2 Entertain and indie distrib Revolver Entertainment.