Von Trier unveils ‘Lookey’

Director invites audiences to play mind games

STOCKHOLM — Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier has unleashed his latest bit of mischief: the Lookey.

His concept is to invite the audience to play a more active role in the cinemagoing experience. Lookey is described by the helmer as a basic mind game. The movie is the board on which the game is played. The Lookey is described as a “visual disturbance,” which is placed out of context in the movie.

The first Lookeys can be found in von Trier’s office farce “The Boss of it All.”

The first Danish moviegoer to find all the Lookeys in the pic will be rewarded with $5,360 and the opportunity to be an extra in von Trier’s next film, English-language horror pic “Anti-Christ.”

“Film as media has one great flaw — it’s a one-way media with a passive audience. As much as I love to dictate the storyline and control the experience I still wish that the audience could take an active part,” von Trier explained.