The Slamdance Film Festival has selected 73 short films to screen at the Jan. 18-27 event in Park City, Utah.

Slamdance, which runs concurrently with Sundance, announced Tuesday that the selections — each eligible for a Grand Jury award — were chosen from more than 2,150 shorts submitted from 20 countries.

The festival said there has been a dramatic increase in international submissions, particularly in Spanish- language shorts. The selections will bring a strong international presence to this year’s festival. The picks come from Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S.

Some of the pics generating early notice include opening night fashion comedy “The Mallorys Go Black Market,” directed by JoEllen Martinson and William Scott Rees; “Oneheadword Protection,” a Hungarian-Canadian production directed by Igor and Ivan Buharov; the German production “The Visitor,” directed by Ulrike Molsen; “Avant petalos grillados,” an experimental Spanish project directed by Cesar Velasco Broca; “The Caress of the Creature,” an ode to 1940s Cinemascope directed by Stewart McAlpine; “Dealing,” a comedy directed by college student Lena Dunham; U.S.-Mexican production “A Monarch Cage,” directed by Paul Di Palma; and “The Saddest Boy in the World,” written and directed by Slamdance alum Jamie Travis.

Short films are in six categories: Competition Shorts Before Features, which screen before similar narratives in competish; Competition Shorts Gallery, six one-hour short film programs; Documentary Shorts Competition, which screen before docs in competish; Animation Competition; the 2006 Anarchy Online Finalists; and $99 Specials, in which Slamdance gives $99 to alumni for a five-minutes-or-under short film experiment. 

“Similar to our narrative features and documentaries, we have had an unprecedented number of short film submissions this year,” said Slamdance prexy Peter Baxter. “We have always showcased shorts, but this year, there seems to be an abundance of so many amazing new stories being told, especially from around the world.”