Pair will shoot ‘Messenger’

Gordon pic the latest project dealing with Iraq War

Mark Gordon’s production company and Reason Pictures are marching together on Iraqi war pic “The Messenger,” hiring Oren Moverman and Alessandro Camon to pen the script.

Film is the latest in a recent flurry of announced projects dealing with the ongoing conflict.

“Messenger” revolves around a U.S. Army officer assigned to casualty notification, considered one of the least desirable jobs in the military. The officer faces complex moral choices when he becomes involved with a soldier’s widow.

Producers are Gordon and Reason’s Ben Goldhirsh.

Reason is financing the project, brought in by Mark Gordon Co. exec VP Lawrence Inglee.

Moverman also is penning “The Man Who Fell to Earth” for Warner Independent Pictures, and he co-wrote the upcoming feature “I’m Not There: Suppositions on a Film Concerning Dylan.”

Camon, who has exec produced and produced a number of films including “Thank You for Smoking” and “The Cooler,” recently co-wrote a screenplay with Larry Gross about the life of St. Francis.

The Gordon Co. is in pre-production on Roland Emmerich’s “10,000 B.C.” for Warner Bros. and in post on Lasse Hallstrom’s “The Hoax” and John Curran’s “The Painted Veil.”

Reason’s slate includes Michael Apted soccer docu “The World 2006.” The indie financing and production company, launched by Goldhirsh in 2004, also is teaming with Brad Pitt’s Plan B on “Marching Powder.”