‘Number’ comes up at Milan fest

Hartnett, Falk take actor's kudos

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HOLLYWOOD – Paul McGuigan’s “Lucky Number Slevin” was the big winner Sunday when the sixth Milan Film Festival handed out its prizes.

Pic, which just opened in limited release in the U.S., took the top film prize and the audience award. Star Josh Hartnett tied for the acting prize with Peter Falk, lauded for his perf in “The Thing About My Folks.”

“Folks” also took home the script prize for Paul Reiser.

Event ran March 28 through Sunday.

And the winners are…

“Lucky Number Slevin”
Director: Paul McGuigan

Julian Jarrold, “Kinky Boots”

Audience Award
“Lucky Number Slevin”
Director: Paul McGuigan

Paul Reiser for “The Thing About My Folks”

Josh Hartnett for “Lucky Number Slevin”
Peter Falk for “The Thing About My Folks”

Alexandra Maria Lara for “The Fisherman and His Wife”

Julie Kirkwood and Guillermo Rosas for “Journey from the Fall”

Andrew Hulme for “Lucky Number Slevin”

Production Designer
Kambiz Hemati for “Cutting Room”

Kays Al-Atrakchi for “Cutting Room”

“Before Dawn”
Director: Bàlint Kenyeres

Short Audience Award
Director: Claudio Bozzatello

Box Office Award
“The Celestine Prophecy”
Director: Armand Mastroianni

Life Achievement Award
Pupi Avati