The fallout from the failure of the New Montreal FilmFest continues, but the rival Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinema is hoping to benefit.

Event wants to nearly triple its budget to C$3.2 million ($2.7 million), up from $1 million last year, and has applied to federal film funding agencies Telefilm Canada and Quebec’s Sodec for extra coin.

Last year, it received $170,000 from each of the pair. The two funders lavished $850,000 on the FilmFest, which went out of business in February after its first edition in September flopped.

The FilmFest backers partly blame its demise on the smaller and more artsy Nouveau, as the latter wouldn’t consider a merger.

The Nouveau has ambitious plans for its 35th anniversary event, which runs Oct. 18-28.

It is adding prizes and has hired new programmers: New York-based producer Madeleine Molyneaux, who will program American independent films; Montreal-based Hugo Guerreiro, an art and technology specialist; and Tokyo-based Hiromi Aihara, who will focus on Asian programming.

The new prizes are for short (for first, second or third work) and acting (male or female).

Other Louve awards go to feature, audience choice, screenplay, the Quebec film critics’ award for first film, the main award for work produced in Montreal and the Temps Zero Award for work in the Temps Zero section.

The Nouveau will mark its 35th birthday with the 25th anniversary of the Festival du Cinema Intl. en Abitibi-Temiscamingue, which kicks off Oct. 18. The pair will celebrate the milestones jointly, with details to be announced later.