New Line’s decided to look “In the Stars,” buying feature rights to Eileen Cook’s novel and setting up the romantic comedy with Benderspink and Mason Novick.

Story centers on a woman pretending to be a psychic, learning the tricks of the trade, in order to get back her boyfriend by misleading his new girlfriend. Her plan backfires when a fake prediction comes true, making her famous.

New Line-based Benderspink and Novick are currently packaging “Curve” with Neal Moritz. Benderspink is going to directors on the New Line project “All Boxed Up” and is readying production with Ben Katz Prods. on “Hereafter,” starring David Strathairn.

“In the Stars,” formerly titled “Sophie’s Predictions,” is due to be published in February by Berkley Trade. Cook’s repped by Sarah Self at Gersh and Rachel Vater at Lowenstein-Yost Associates.