MGM shows off pic slate

Rudnitsky joins as general sales manager

The revived Lion showed its new face to the exhibition community Thursday at ShoWest, offering a first look at its upcoming slate and introducing its distribution team.

MGM disclosed that former Weinstein Co. exec Mike Rudnitsky has joined as general sales manager, making him No. 2 under recently appointed distrib topper Clark Woods. He previously worked with MGM chief operating officer Rick Sands at Miramax and had a brief tenure at TWC.

Co-sponsoring lunch on confab’s last day, MGM execs showed clips from pics “Lucky Number Slevin,” “Harsh Times,” “I Could Never Be Your Woman,” “Fragile,” “Breaking and Entering,” “The Flock” and “Van Wilder Deux: The Rise of Taj” and previewed their previously announced slate. Sands also confirmed that MGM will release “at least 20 and maybe more” films in 2007 alone, considerably higher than previously unveiled slate of 14 pics for 2006 and early 2007.

In addition, CEO Harry Sloan got on the good side of exhibs, promising he isn’t interested in further shrinking windows.

“You have my word today,” Sloan told the applauding audience, “that MGM has no plans to change our windows of distribution and remains steadfast in its commitment to theatrical exhibition first and foremost.”