Infinity Media has climbed aboard “Mike the Bike,” launching development of a feature based on the life of British motorcycle champ Mike Hailwood.

Hailwood won nine motorcycle world championships in the 1960s, then turned to motor racing and saw his career ended in 1974 when he crashed in Germany. Though disabled by his leg injuries, he returned to race motorcycles and won the world championship in 1978.

Infinity’s Michael Ohoven, who will produce, said “Mike the Bike” will focus on Hailwood’s comeback after being told he would never race again. He noted that Hailwood’s the only sportsman ever awarded the queen’s highest civilian award for bravery, the George Medal, for rescuing a fellow racer from an inferno after a crash.

Penning the script is writer-producer Paul Pender, who brought the project in after obtaining life rights from Hailwood’s widow, Pauline, earlier this year. Pender will co-produce.

Infinity and Pender previously teamed on “Evelyn,” which Pender wrote and co-produced. That film starred Pierce Brosnan as a man fighting to get his kids out of an orphanage.