IFP slates projects for feature market

Films selected out of 1,235 entries

The Independent Feature Project unveiled its lineup for its 28th annual market, unspooling Sept. 17-21 in Gotham.

Some 186 projects were selected out of 1,235 submitted for this year’s market categories including Emerging Narrative, No Borders Co-Production Market and Spotlight on Documentaries.

Market is designed to aid filmmakers with projects in various stages of development with financing, production partners and distribution outlets.

At the meetings-driven event, IFP pre-schedules (at the request of potential buyers) one-on-one meetings on their projects of interest. In 2005, more than 1,600 meetings were scheduled. Thus far, 11% more meetings have already been scheduled.

Josh Hyde’s “Chicle” and Sean Patrick McCarthy’s “Pansy” are among the 40 screenplays selected in the Emerging Narrative category, which also includes 12 short films.

Among the 40 projects in No Borders are U.S. writer-director David Gordon Green’s “George Washington” and “Master Class,” Faye Dunaway’s feature directing debut. Nineteen of the category selections are international projects, including South African writer-actor-director Anthony Sher’s “Cheap Lives” and the U.K.’s Sheree Folkson’s “Beach Party.”

Of the 94 projects selected for the Documentary category, 65 are works in progress. Highlights include Julie Checkoway’s “Waiting for Hockney,” Deborah Shaffer and Roland Legiardi-Laura’s “To Be Heard” and Darius Marder’s “War’s Weight in Gold.”

In addition, the National Film & Video Foundation of South Africa and the Asian Film Market/Pusan Promotional Plan in South Korea have become partners in the No Borders co-production market. Orgs already partnered with the program include Telefilm Canada, the U.K. Film Council & Television Office and the New Zealand Film Commission.

All screenings take place at the Angelika Film Center. HBO is the premier sponsor of the IFP Market; other sponsors are A&E and Kodak Motion Picture Film.

Independent Feature Project’s lineup for its 28th annual market:

NO BORDERS: 40 Projects (19 International, 21 Domestic)

Beach Party
Director: Sheree Folkson
Producers: Tracy Brimm, Kate Myers
Writer: Rowan Joffe

Bedroom City
Director: Martin Romanella
Producers: Arne Ludwig, Felix Blum
Writers: Martin Romanella, Richard Lasser, Diego Sabanes

Betraying the Lion
Director: Bonnie Palef
Producer: Bonnie Palef
Writer: Bonnie Palef

Director: Risa Mickenberg
Producers: Davien Littlefield, Cooper’s Town Productions
Writer: Risa Mickenberg

Burridge Unbound
Director: Davor Marjanovic
Producer: Elizabeth Sanchez
Writers: Davor Marjanovic, Alan Cumyn

Bury Me Standing
Director: Caran Hartsfield
Producers: Effie Brown, Gina Kwon
Writer: Caran Hartsfield
Busted Down on Bourbon Street

Director: David Gordon Green
Producers: Marisa Polvino, Mike Ramsdell
Writer: Mike Ramsdell

Butterflies & Lightning
Director: Katherine Griffin
Producer: Jon Bachmann
Writer: Katherine Griffin

The Chain
Director: Stuart Hynson Culpepper
Producers: Dennis Hann, Stuart Hynson Culpepper
Writers: Karin Diann Williams, Stuart Hynson Culpepper

Cheap Lives
Director: Antony Sher
Producers: Thierry Cassuto, Simon Bosanquet
Writers: Antony Sher, Thierry Cassuto

Crime and Punishment
Director: Konstantin Bojanov
Producer: Noah Harlan
Writers: Konstantin Bojanov, Arnold Bakus

Dear Lemon Lima
Director: Suzi Yoonessi
Producer: Amy Hobby
Writer: Nicki Paluga

Enter the Cipher
Director: Clement Virgo
Producer: Damon D’Oliveira
Writers: Clement Virgo, Douglas Century

Father Lands
Director: Emma Freeman
Producer: Jackie O’Sullivan
Writer: Emily Ballou

Frank & Lola
Director: Matthew Ross
Producers: Anne Chaisson, Jack Turner
Writer: Matthew Ross

Frozen River
Director: Courtney Hunt
Producer: Heather Rae
Writer: Courtney Hunt

To Go
Director: Huseyin Karabey
Producers: Lucinda Englehart, Dennis Tal
Writer: Huseyin Karabey

James Dean and Me
Director: Sameh Zoabi
Producer: Amir Harel
Writer: Sameh Zoabi

Land of the Zebra
Director: Rehad Desai
Producer: Rehad Desai
Writer: Anita Khanna

Lemon Tree
Director: Eran Riklis
Producers: Eran Riklis, Antoine de Clermont-Tonnerre, Bettina Brokemper
Writers: Eran Riklis, Suha Arraf

Master Class
Director: Faye Dunaway
Producers: Faye Dunaway, Fred Roos
Writers: Faye Dunaway, Larry Gross, Ken Russell

The Middle of Nowhere
Director: Ava DuVernay
Producers: Gina Prince-Bythewood, Reggie Rock Bythewood, Nia Hill
Writer: Ava DuVernay

My Habibi
Director: Kirsten Johnson
Producer: Kirsten Johnson
Writer: Kirsten Johnson

My Secret Sky
Director: Madoda Ncayiyana
Producers: Jeremy Nathan, Joel Phiri
Writers: Madoda Ncayiyana, Julie Frederikse

Director: Kevin Thomas
Producers: Margery Bone, Philippa Thomas
Writer: Bridget Hurst

Director: Dina Ciraulo
Producers: Teri Lang, Michele Turnure-Salleo
Writer: Dina Ciraulo

Director: Kevin Lucas
Producers: Aanya Witehead, Avril MacRory, Sue Milliken
Writers: Kevin Lucas, John Wregg

Director: Andy Amadi Okoroafor
Producers: Elise Jalladeau, Andy Amadi Okoroafor
Writer: Andy Amadi Okoroafor

Director: Robert Clem
Producers: Adam Roy Gale, Robert Clem
Writers: Robert Clem, Candace Ridington

The Scribe of Uraba
Directors: Jeff Zimbalist , Michael Zimbalist
Producer: Jeff Zimbalist
Writers: Jeff Zimbalist , Michael Zimbalist

South Solitary
Director: Shirley Barrett
Producers: Marian Macgowan, Antonia Barnard
Writer: Shirley Barrett

The Strength of Water
Director: Armagan Ballantyne
Producer: Fiona Copland
Writer: Briar Grace-Smith

Tashkent Girls
Director: Jeremy Lovering
Producers: Nira Park, Jim Wilson
Writer: Jeremy Lovering

The Terror Tapes
Director: Gregory Orr
Producer: Gregory Orr
Writer: Gregory Orr

They Don’t Dance Much
Director: Jay Craven
Producers: Jay Craven, Peter Wentworth
Writer: Jay Craven

The Undeniable Charm of Sloppy Unrah
Director: Mario de la Vega
Producer: Kate Roughan
Writer: Mario de la Vega

Director: Michael Glawogger
Producer: Christine Ruppert
Writer: Michael Glawogger

Victoria Day
Director: David Bezmozgis
Producer: Judy Holm
Writer: David Bezmozgis

We Neighbors
Director: Paul Fitzgerald
Producer: Kelly Miller
Writer: Paul Fitzgerald

Director: Chamoun Issa
Producer: Annalise Davis
Writer: Chamoun Issa


A Caballo!
Writer: David Garrett

American from the South, The
Writer: Gustavo H. Perez
Director: Gustavo H. Perez

Writer: Zach Hammill

Beautiful Swimmer
Writer: Sidney King
Director: Sidney King

Birds Ruin Bees
Writer: Dan Levine

Buddy Goldstein Live
Writer: Marc Erlbaum
Director: Marc Erlbaum

Writer: Josh Hyde
Director: Josh Hyde

Writer: Marina Shron
Director: Ian Belton

Color Blues
Writer: Jaymes Jorsling

Color My World
Writer: Robyn Hatcher

Coulda Been A Book
Writer: John Besmer
Director: John Besmer

The Dollmaker
Writer: Ned Beedie

Emily’s Window
Writer: Dayle Ann Hunt

First Casualty
Writer: Steve Lyons

Ghost Town
Writer: Michael McGruther
Director: Michael McGruther

Green Shag Carpet Girls
Writer: Tamara Fa
Director: Michelle Oznowicz

Writer: Joyce Draganosky
Director: Joyce Draganosky

High Maintenance
Writer: Clarissa Jacobson

Holiday Beach
Writer: Steve Larson
Writer: Gary Jenneke

I Hate To See That Evening Sun Go Down
Writer: Scott Teems
Director: Scott Teems

Joy Comes in the Morning
Writer: Jennifer Atkins
Director: Jennifer Atkins

Law Officer
Writer: Emily Haddad

Love Marriage
Writer: Soman Chainani
Director: Soman Chainani

My Father’s Son
Writer: Andrea Magder
Writer: Quentin Cline

My Monster
Writer: David B. Carren
Director: Scott Rice

New York
Writer: Ian Brown

The Painting in Insadong
Writer: Nora Jacobson
Director: Nora Jacobson

Writer: Sean Patrick McCarthy
Director: Sean Patrick McCarthy

The Quilted Heart
Writer: Gary Corbett Davis
Director: Gary Corbett Davis

Writer: Piper Hickman

The Sea of Tranquility
Writer: Chris Newberry

The Sleeping Shepherd
Writer: Frank Hudec
Director: Frank Hudec

Stone Child, The
Writer: Christopher Martini
Director: Christopher Martini

A Story For Old Lovers
Writer: Ela Their

That Day on the Road
Writer: John Daschbach
Director: John Daschbach

There’s Something About Marriage
Writer: Rehana Mirza

Toe To Toe
Writer: Emily Abt

Two Harbors
Writer: William Kruse

Where the Body Lies
Writer: Tiffany Osedra Miller
Director: Mark Hammond

Winter Sea
Writer: Craig Macneill
Director: Craig Macneill


Dancing Ground
Director: Tobin Addington
Producer: Julian Robinson
Writer: Tobin Addington

Family Reunion
Director: Isold Uggadottir
Producers: Stephanie Perdomo, Fura Johannesdottir
Writer: Isold Uggadottir

Gandhi at the Bat
Directors: Stephanie Argy, Alec Boehm
Producers: Stephanie Argy, Alec Boehm
Writers: Stephanie Argy, Alec Boehm

Good Girl
Director: Heayun Kang
Producer: Kyungmi Kim
Writer: Heayun Kang

Jesse & Jill
Director: Dakkan Abbe
Producer: Dakkan Abbe
Writer: Dakkan Abbe

Kubuku Rides (This Is It)
Director: Terry Kinney
Producers: Timothy Evans, Bruce Sheridan
Writers: Terry Kinney, Doug Bost

La Cerca
Director: S.J. Main
Producers: S.J. Main, Laura Johnson
Writer: S.J. Main

La Primavera
Director: Ruben Obregon
Producers: Aina Abiodun, Gabriel Ximénez
Writer: Ruben Obregon

Make A Wish
Director: Cherien Dabis
Producer: Cherien Dabis
Writer: Cherien Dabis

Director: Jonathan Yi
Producer: Michael Haertlein
Writer: Jonathan Yi

The Shovel
Director: Nicholas Childs
Producer: Nicholas Hardwick
Writer: Nicholas Childs

Director: Chris Teague
Producer: Myna Joseph
Writer: Chris Teague


A Drop In Oicata
Director: Diana Logreira Campos
Producers: Diana Logreira Campos, John Ayala
Writer: Diana Logreira Campos

Fridays at the Farm
Director: Richard Power Hoffmann
Producer: Richard Power Hoffmann

Writer: Richard Power Hoffmann

A Long Struggle
Director: Lea Rekow
Producer: Lea Rekow

Man Up
Director: Arturo Cabanas

Monsieur Borges and I
Director: Jasmin Gordon
Producer: Jasmin Gordon

No Umbrella – Election Day in the City
Director: Laura Paglin
Producer: Laura Paglin

Sister Bee
Director: Laura Tyler,
Producers: Laura Tyler, Andrew Schwarz

Tales of Times Square
Director: Paul Stone
Producer: Suzanne Ryan
Writer: Josh Al Friedman

We Also Dance
Director: Nancy Stevens
Producer: Eva Zelig
Writer: Nancy Stevens

Yellow Ox Mountain
Director: Miao Wang
Producer: Miao Wang
Writer: Miao Wang


About Face: The Story of the Jewish Refugee Soldiers of WWII
Directors: Rose Lizarraga, Steve Karras
Producers: Rose Lizarraga, Steve Karras

Atlantis Approaching
Director: Elizabeth Pollock
Producer: Elizabeth Pollock

Bad Boys of Summer
Directors: Loren Mendell, Tiller Russell
Producers: Julie Goldman, Caroline Stevens, Krysanne Katsoolis

A Call to Return: The OxyContin Story
Director: Sam Carroll
Producer: Sam Carroll

Director: Kazuhiro Soda
Producer: Kazuhiro Soda

Class Act
Director: Sara Sackner
Producer: Heather Winters
Writers: Heather Winters, Joe Morley

Emile Norman — By His Own Design
Director: Will Parrinello
Producers: Jill Eikenberry, Michael Tucker

Na Kamalei: Men of Hula
Director: Lisette Flanary
Producers: Lisette Flanary, Keo Woolford

On The Downlow
Director: Abigail Child
Producer: Michelle Wilson

Out of Faith
Director: Lisa Leeman
Producer: L. Mark DeAngelis

Postcards from Tora Bora
Directors: Kelly Dolak, Wazhmah Osman
Producers: Kelly Dolak, Wazhmah Osman

Race to Execution
Director: Rachel Lyon
Producer: Rachel Lyon, Jim Lopes
Writer: Christine Intagliata

Row Hard No Excuses
Director: Luke Wolbach
Producer: Luke Wolbach, Bill Wolbach

Directors: Robb Moss, Peter Galison
Producers: Robb Moss, Peter Galison

Shadow of a Bout
Director: Kevin Berrey
Producer: Kevin Berrey

Shoot Down
Director: Cristina Khuly
Producers: Gloria Bremer, Douglas Eger
Writer: Cristina Khuly

The Team
Directors: James Marsh, Basia Winograd
Producer: Maureen Ryan
Writer: Basia Winograd

View From A Grain of Sand
Director: Meena Nanji
Producers: Meena Nanji, Arnie Williams

Writer: Meena Nanji

When Adnan Comes Home
Producer: Andrew Berends
Director: Andrew Berends


7 Minutes
Producer: Shannon O’Rourke
Director: Shannon O’Rourke

Adopt Me, Michael Jordan
Producers: Susan Motmed, Melanie Judd
Directors: Susan Motmed, Melanie Judd

Animas Perdidas (Lost Souls)
Director: Monika Navarro
Producer: Monika Navarro
Writer: Monika Navarro

The Axe in the Attic
Directors: Lucia Small, Ed Pincus
Producers: Lucia Small, Ed Pincus
Writer: Lucia Small

Best Kept Secret
Directors: PJ Raval, Jay Hodges
Producer: Jay Hodges

Producers: Paul Devlin, Claire Missanelli
Director: Paul Devlin

Blessed Is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh
Director: Roberta Grossman

Producers: Lisa Thomas, Deann Liem
Writer: Sophie Sartain

Brave New West
Directors: Doug Hawes-Davis, Drury Gunn Carr
Producers: Doug Hawes-Davis, Drury Gunn Carr

A Case Against Agent Orange
Directors: Leslie Wiener, Jane Weiner
Writer: Leslie Wiener

A Cricket in the Court of Akbar
Director: Andrew Mendelson
Producers: Negin Farsad, Nadia Abji
Writer: Negin Farsad

Dengbêj: The Bards of Kurdistan
Directors: Meshakai Wolf, Gregory Scarborough
Producers: Meshakai Wolf, Gregory Scarborough

The Dishes
Director: Katy Chevigny
Producers: Katy Chevigny, Blue Chevigny, Beth Davenport

Disturbing the Universe: Radical Lawyer William Kunstler
Directors: Sarah Kunstler, Emily Kunstler
Producer: Jesse Moss

A Dream in Doubt
Director: Tami Yeager
Producers: Tami Yeager, Preetmohan Singh

Director: Jonathan Boal
Producers: Artem Agafonov, Kenneth Lam

Economy Superstar Director: Jerry A. Henry
Producer: Nina Davenport

Eloquent Nude: The Love and Legacy of Edward Weston & Charis Wilson
Director: Ian McCluskey
Writer: Ian McCluskey

Exception to the Rulers
Director: Julia Dengel
Producer: Julia Dengel

Director: Cynthia Wade
Producer: Vanessa Roth

Glowing Embers
Director: Elliot Hoffman
Producer: Elliot Hoffman
Writer: Elliot Hoffman

Goin’ Home Tomorrow
Director: Andy Schocken
Producer: Andy Schocken

Going Blind
Director: Joseph Lovett
Producer: Logan Schmid
Writer: Joseph Lovett

The Greening of Southie
Director: Ian Cheney
Producer: Curt Ellis

Greensboro: Closer to the Truth
Director: Adam Zucker
Producer: Adam Zucker

Guitar Man
Director: Eric Paul Fournier
Producer: Eric Paul Fournier
Writer: Eric Paul Fournier

In the Footsteps of Orpheus
Director: Hugo Perez
Producer: Hugo Perez

Director: Helen Hood Scheer
Producers: Helen Hood Scheer, Andrew Herwitz
Writer: Helen Hood Scheer

Keep Your Ear On The Ball
Director: Keith Maitland
Producers: Keith Maitland, Patrick Floyd

Knee Deep
Director: Michael Chandler
Producer: Michael Chandler
Writer: Michael Chandler

The Lab
Director: Richard Rifkind, Carole Rifkind
Producer: Richard Rifkind, Carole Rifkind

Life Sentence
Director: Yoav Potash

Lillie & Leander: A Legacy of Violence
Director: Jeffrey Morgan
Producers: Alice Brewton Hurwitz, Jeffrey Morgan

Lorraine Hansberry Documentary Project
Director: Tracy Heather Strain
Producers: Tracy Heather Strain, Valerie Shepherd
Writer: Lou Potter

The Man of Two Havanas
Director: Vivien Lesnick Weisman

Director: Daniel Leeb
Producers: Daniel Leeb, Ari Krepostman

Miss Gulag
Director: Maria Yatskova
Producers: Irina Vodar, Raphaela Neihausen
Writer: Maria Yatskova

Moving Midway: A Southern Plantation in Transit
Director: Godfrey Cheshire
Producers: Jay Spain, Vincent Farrell
Writer: Godfrey Cheshire

My Mother’s Garden
Director: Cynthia Lester
Producers: Adi Amit, Alessandra Dobrin

My Nose
Director: Gayle Kirschenbaum
Producer: Gayle Kirschenbaum
Writer: Gayle Kirschenbaum

Not Made in Heaven
Directors: Sarah Bauer, Jen Dietrich
Producers: Sarah Bauer, Jen Dietrich

Objects and Memory
Director: Brian Danitz
Producers: Brian Danitz, Jonathan Fein

Orgasm Inc.: The Strange Science of Female Pleasure
Director: Liz Canner
Producer: Liz Canner

Our Disappeared / Nuestros Desaparecidos (working title)
Director: Juan Mandelbaum
Producer: Juan Mandelbaum
Writer: Juan Mandelbaum

Paperback Dreams
Director: Alex Beckstead
Producer: Alex Beckstead

Planet B-Boy
Director: Benson Lee
Producer: Amy Lo

Prodigal Sons
Director: Kimberly Reed
Producers: Kimberly Reed, John Keitel
Writer: Kimberly Reed

Promised Land
Director: Yoruba Richen
Producer: Yoruba Richen

The Real Shaolin
Director: Alexander Sebastien Lee
Producer: Roberta Dougan

Waiting For Hockney
Director: Julie Checkoway
Producer: Andrew Herwitz
Writer: Steve Lickteig

Waking Aphrodite
Directors: Sarah Gonser, Lance Kruger
Producers: Sarah Gonser, Lance Kruger
Writer: Sarah Gonser

War’s Weight in Gold
Director: Darius Marder
Producer: Dan Campbell

We Are the Zaballeen
Director: Mai Iskander

Weaving Worlds
Director: Bennie Klain
Producers: Leighton Peterson, Kristina Mann
Writer: Bennie Klain

Whatever It Takes
Director: Christopher Wong
Producers: Jillian O’Connor, Scott Lyon

When Muppets Dream of Peace
Director: David Van Taylor
Producer: Jane Coleman

Show Me: The Most Controversial Sex Ed Book Ever
Director: Williams Cole
Producers: Williams Cole, Stefan Schaefer

Sons of a Gun
Directors: Rivkah Beth Medow, Gregory O’TooleProducer: Rivkah Beth Medow

This Is Not A Robbery
Directors: Lucas Jansen, Adam Kurland, Spencer Vrooman

Time Bomb
Directors: Anthony Giacchino, William Miller
Producers: Anthony Giacchino, William Miller

To Be Heard
Directors: Deborah Shaffer, Roland Legiardi-Laura
Producers: Deborah Shaffer, Amy Sultan

The Toy Movie
Director: Dori Berinstein
Producer: Dori Berinstein
Writer: Dori Berinstein

Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North
Directors: Katrina Browne, Alla Kovgan
Producer: Katrina Browne
Writer: Katrina Browne

Director: Adam Hootnick
Producer: Adam Hootnick

The Untyings
Directors: Katherine Leggett, Romi Chiorean
Producers: Katherine Leggett, Romi Chiorean

Waiting for Armageddon
Director: Franco Sacchi
Producer: Roberta Dougan

Waiting For Hockney
Director: Julie Checkoway
Producer: Andrew Herwitz
Writer: Steve Lickteig

Waking Aphrodite
Directors: Sarah Gonser, Lance Kruger
Producers: Sarah Gonser, Lance Kruger
Writer: Sarah Gonser

War’s Weight in Gold
Director: Darius Marder
Producer: Dan Campbell

We Are the Zaballeen
Director: Mai Iskander

Weaving Worlds
Director: Bennie Klain
Producers: Leighton Peterson, Kristina Mann
Writer: Bennie Klain

Whatever It Takes
Director: Christopher Wong
Producers: Jillian O’Connor, Scott Lyon

When Muppets Dream of Peace
Director: David Van Taylor
Producer: Jane Coleman

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