Helmer’s heading to ‘Wichita’

Busy Dimension taps Bousman for thriller

Weinstein Co. genre arm Dimension Films has acquired tyro scribe Scott Milam’s script “Wichita” for “Saw 2” helmer Darren Lynn Bousman to direct.

Bousman — who has a two-pic deal with distrib Dimension and the Twisted Pictures production banner — also recently signed to direct the third installment of the hit “Saw” horror franchise for Lionsgate.

Mark Burg and Oren Koules will produce “Wichita,” a thriller about an unthinkable crime that destroys the lives of eight characters. Brad Kaplan of Evolution Entertainment, which houses Twisted, brought Milam’s script to Bousman.

“I am eager to integrate this new slant on horror with a company known for its revolutionary genre films,” the helmer said.

“What’s terrifying about this story is that it’s based in reality and could happen to anyone,” Milam said. “It’s a slice of Americana gone bad and getting worse.”

Dimension production head Richard Saperstein will oversee the project with Dimension execs Matthew Stein and Alex Franklin.

Dimension has been on a spree of late, ramping up its slate. Shingle recently completed a deal to turn the ABC series “Welcome Back, Kotter” into a feature, with Ice Cube producing and playing the title character.

Dimension also has in the works a bigscreen adaptation of Stephen King’s short story “1408,” starring John Cusack, as well as another King adaptation, “Cell,” to be helmed by “Hostel” director Eli Roth.