Mikkel Bondesen’s L.A.-based Fuse Entertainment is teaming with Pathe and Nordisk Film to turn out a slate of English-language genre pics to be shot in Scandinavia.

The aim of the partnership –brokered by Endeavor Independent –is to turn out two to four films a year costing less than $10 million each. Some could be remakes of European thrillers.

Pathe, Nordisk and a silent private equity partner will finance the pics, while Fuse will produce. Pathe will handle sales.

Productions will utilize Nordisk’s studio, the largest and oldest in Scandinavia.

A literary management firm, Fuse’s client list includes Josh Schwartz, Silvio Horta and James Vanderbilt, among others. Fuse is in production on TV pilot “Burn Notice,” written by Matt Nix, for USA.

Bondesen said the production value of shooting in Scandanavia is unparalleled, in that high quality pics can be made with low budgets. He also pointed to the quality of Scandinavia’s directing talent.

Nordisk Film prexy of production Kim Magnusson concurred, saying that “this is a great way for our creative talent to make an American movie without going to the U.S.”