Fugee tries ‘Night’ among the homeless

Pras tries his hand at filmmaking with docu

A correction was made to this article on May 8, 2006.

The Fugees’ Pras Michel has gone from “Ghetto Supastar” to Skid Row nobody.

A docu titled “First Night” has Pras living as a homeless man for nine days, on $1 a day, on the rough fringes of downtown Los Angeles.

Greater Than Entertainment’s Rob Wisdom came up with the idea and approached Pras, who quickly signed on, with the goal of raising public awareness about the homeless.

Wisdom is producing with Pras and Teryn Fogel; Niva Dorell, Ross Clarke and Marshall Tyler are directing.

Wisdom also enlisted Epidemic Pictures’ Darryl Taja, who is exec producing with Scott Noe.

Texas billionaire Phil Romano of Fuddrucker’s fame is helping to finance the docu, which the producers hope will be ready for the Toronto Film Fest.

Pras carried a tiny hidden camera during the shoot; several other cameras were positioned in vans. In one shot, Pras is panhandling as he stands beneath a huge Fugees billboard. Apparently, no one recognized him from his towering image above, in which he’s wearing a $60,000 watch.

This week, Pras will begin a full-scale media blitz, appearing on national TV shows. He’s already done some press and describes himself as the new ambassador for the homeless.

That role landed him back on L.A.’s Skid Row on Easter Sunday, where he helped feed the hungry.