Does ‘Me’ mirror ‘Moi?’

Sony, New Line pick up similar pitches

Nothing sells better in Hollywood, apparently, than narcissism.

When New Line recently picked up pitch “Me, Me, Me” — about, as Daily Variety put it yesterday, a “narcissist who wishes people could be more like him, and then enters a living hell when his dream becomes a reality” — it reminded some thoughtful observers of “Moi,” a similar project at Columbia Pictures.

Back in November, when Col picked up “Moi,” Daily Variety described that pitch as “a man who is convinced that the world would be a better place if everybody acted just like him.” (It doesn’t turn out that way.)

“Me” is a pitch by Johnny Rosenthal, with Shawn Levy and Tom McNulty producing, while “Moi” started out as a pitch by Lon Diamond and is being produced by Hal Lieberman. In November, Josh Lobis and Darin Moiselle were hired to pen that script.

Both Sony and New Line declined comment, as did reps for the producer and writers involved.