Cruise keeps to Euro ‘Mission’ despite baby

Thesp on track with publicity tour

Tom Cruise finished his European publicity tour for “Mission: Impossible III” on Wednesday night.

Despite saying Monday in Rome that the Italian capital would be his only stop because he wanted to get home to partner Katie Holmes and their newborn daughter, he attended Tuesday’s London preem and was at the Paris bash on Wednesday.

“I talked with Katie and she said go,” Cruise said. “I realized that there would be people who’d be disappointed if I wasn’t going to come.”

But while Cruise didn’t want to disappoint his fans, he gave journos a miss.

Reuters reports that Cruise left dozens of camera teams, reporters and photographers waiting for him Wednesday afternoon at Paris’ Ritz Hotel, where he was supposed to give another press conference.

“Tom has decided to visit Paris with his two children (instead),” a spokeswoman said, referring to Isabella and Connor, whom Cruise adopted during his marriage to Nicole Kidman.

Cruise is skedded to continue tubthumping “MI3” in Mexico in mid-May and Japan in late June.