Beresford runs ‘Rhapsody’

Prelude Features, Pressman co-producing biopic

“Driving Miss Daisy” helmer Bruce Beresford has signed to direct “Rhapsody,” a biopic of Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Producing are Frederick Muller and Floyd Bradley’s London-based Prelude Features and producer Edward Pressman. Timothy Prager (“Haunted”) penned the screenplay. Muller, whose credits include “Tea With Mussolini” and “The Boys From Brazil,” will produce. Pressman, Bradley and Prager are exec producers.

Pic is based on a true story as told through the eyes of Rachmaninoff’s widow. Producers said the tale will include never-before-revealed details about the secretive musician and the love triangle that inspired some of his greatest works at the time of the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia.

Prelude Features secured exclusive rights to the story from Alexandre Rachmaninoff in Switzerland, as well as music rights from Rachmaninoff’s publishers.

EMI Records, which holds a complete library of Rachmaninoff recordings, is cooperating with the film and will produce and distribute the soundtrack.

Pressman’s upcoming pics include sci-fi/action project “The Mutant Chronicles,” based on the role-playing board game of the same name, starring Thomas Jane.