Banderas in Berlin berth

'Summer Rain' picked to screen in Panorama section

BERLIN — Antonio Banderas’ sophomore pic as a helmer, the coming-of-ager “El Camino de los ingleses” (Summer Rain), has been selected for February’s Berlin Film Festival.

The ensemble drama will screen in the Panorama Special segment of Panorama, dedicated to major inde-pendent productions.

Set in Banderas’ hometown of Malaga in the 1970s, when the helmer was growing up, “Rain” turns on a group of adolescent friends discovering sex and often disillusionment, especially with their parents.

“Rain” also will play the Sundance Festival’s Premieres section in January.

Bowing Dec. 1 in Spain, pic grossed $1.7 million in its first 10 days in release.

The first official selections for the German film sidebar Perspektive Deutsches Kino, meanwhile, all have psychological conflicts at their heart.

In Bastian Guenther’s debut film “Autopiloten,” four men of different ages who are in the process of finding themselves are led to the dense network of autobahns in the Ruhr region — where their stories intersect.

Ben von Grafenstein’s “Blindflug” examines a woman who finds herself in a blind flight of emotions following a menage a trios.

Pepe Planitzer’s “Alle Alle” follows a hapless, small-scale entrepreneur in a small Brandenburg village who’s life is suddenly turned upsidedown.

In Julia von Heinz’s teenage drama “Was am Ende,” Carla and Lucie, two young and completely different girls, try to prevent a catastrophe, but the way they approach things may lead to another one.

Two half-hour films, “Aschermittwoch” by Ileana Cosmovici, and Hannah Schweier’s “Aufrecht stehen,” explore fate and relationships in their stories of couples and the search for happiness.

“This year nearly all the contributions to Perspektive Deutsches Kino have been made by students or graduates of German film academies and schools,” said Berlinale topper Dieter Kosslick. “Seen from this perspective, there’s no need to worry about the quality of film education in this country.”

Perspektive director Alfred Holighaus added, “What is noteworthy this year is the artistic maturity, the dramaturgical resolve, the psychological instinct and frequent flashes of poetic elegance” of these young filmmakers.

The complete program of Perspektive Deutsches Kino will be announced in mid-January.