JESSICA LANGE will be honored Monday by the Film Society of Lincoln Center. She seemed amazed when I told her that her Academy Award-winning performance in “Tootsie” is one of my all-time favorites. “You know, I never realized it could have such an effect. I made that picture thinking I was just ‘the girl’ in the movie.” … For her own event, I’m told those honoring Jessica will include Sydney Pollack, David Strathairn, Jeff Bridges, Ann Roth and, of course, Sam Shepard. … Lange has a movie, “Bonneville” coming in the fall, with Kathy Bates and Joan Allen as her girlfriends, all taking a life-changing road trip. This is a dark-humored comedy, with the acerbic Christine Baranski as the nemesis. … Jessica will soon begin filming an original screenplay based on the lives of “Big and Little” Edie Beale of East Hampton — Jackie O’s cousins. Lange will star as Edith Bouvier Beale Sr. She also has in the works “Sybil,” a remake of the famous Joanne Woodward-Sally Field hit, for CBS-TV. And she hopes to do “The Glass Menagerie” in London in the future. “I am unemployed,” laughs Jessica.

THE WORLD’S tallest child? I think the title now belongs to Broadway darling Sutton Foster. Sutton is almost six feet and her slim frame bursts with talent. She can sing, dance and deadpan one-liners with perfect timing. Sutton is starring in the funny and creative “camp” musical “The Drowsy Chaperone” at the Marquis Theatre. This is the same theater where she performed in “Thoroughly Modern Millie” and won the Tony. In this show Sutton also executes acrobatic splits and tumbles. “I did splits, cartwheels and high kicks as a kid, so when our director, Casey Nicholaw, asked what tricks I could perform, I said I could still do them from childhood. Well, ha! I had to go back into training.” … Sutton is engaged to longtime beau, Christian Borle, currently in “Spamalot.” (He was her romantic lead in “Millie.”) They’ve been keeping company for more than five years and just bought an apartment together.

“Dallas” is not being made in Texas. Shooting is set for Florida, because Jacksonville offered the filmmakers a refund of 15% of all money spent on location up to $2 million. The Dallas Film Commission is calling all of this “a horrible blackeye to the state of Texas” and they are still trying to entice 20th Century Fox to change its mind.

AT THE 100TH anniversary of the Everyman’s Library in London’s Royal Academy of Art, the widowed Mrs. Joseph Heller spoke with Prince Charles about her late husband’s great novel “Catch-22.” Prince Charles seemed abashed that he did not have the book in his personal library. So a special American edition, published by Everyman’s has been sent to him. … Michael York is gearing up to play King Arthur in a stage adaptation of the movie musical “Camelot.” … Are you looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or any other day? If you have $10 million, you can buy the name of the Manhattan Theatre Club’s Broadway temple to drama and comedy, now called the Biltmore. Wouldn’t you like to see mama’s name up there on West 47th St.? Or any name you choose. The new designation will be there in perpetuity.

EVERY CHARITY in New York City schedules parties for this first workday of the week. First, “Skating Under the Stars” benefits a self-esteem program for girls in Harlem. Ice queens Sasha Cohen and Sarah and Emily Hughes will be at Wollman Rink. Call (212) 786-6185 … Then there’s Evelyn Lauder’s “Very Hot Pink Party” orchestrated by Elton John with singing by Tony Bennett and the gorgeous Elizabeth Hurley emceeing at the Waldorf. Everything about this breast cancer fight is first-rate. Call (646) 497-2622 … The New Orleans Museum of Art is holding its own “Odyssey” evening at AXA Equitable Building and in the mode of Homer, they ask heroes and deities to contribute. Call (212) 289-5140 … The American Theatre Wing honors — oh, who else? — Nathan Lane/Matthew Broderick at Cipriani. Call (212) 765-0606, ext 314 … The Dramatists Guild Fund awards the deserving at the Hudson Theatre with John Guare and Kathleen Marshall at the helm. Call (212) 935-1558.