1955: ‘Giant’ stars meet ‘n’ greet

May 19, 1955:

George Stevens revealed his sense of humor at yesterday’s Green Room luncheon (at Warner Brothers) launching “Giant.” Said Stevens “Mr. Warner has been kind enough to come down here, and Mr. James Dean has been kind enough to come down here — now I think it’s time you two met!” … Yesterday’s meeting, however, was the first, for stars Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson. Rock wore his 10-gallon hat during most of the picture taking — to cover makeup that made him bald for his late sequences in the film … Liz, looking like a teenager, was introduced by Stevens who said she was wearing makeup for her 55-year-old sequences! Ouch! … Taylor and Dean (he was the only one who didn’t take a bow when introduced) discovered something to talk about on the long, Texas location — she’s a sportscar enthusiast, too … Tentative shooting schedule for “Giant” is 3½ months. And Jack Warner told the topper: “I hope we all meet again when the picture’s over in the not TOO long-distant future!” (2006 update: George Stevens Jr. writes in his terrif book, “The Great Moviemakers: Hollywood’s Golden Age (Knopf): “I joined my father for the final editing of ‘Giant,’ which had already taken a year.” He told his impatient son, “When you think about how many man hours people will spend watching this picture don’t you think it’s worth a little more of our time to make it as good as we can ?”)