James Bond fended off a horde of penguins at the international box office as “Casino Royale” won its fourth straight weekend with $36.2 million at 7,730 playdates in 63 markets.

Sony’s “Casino” faced its first serious rival for the top overseas slot, with Warner Bros.’ “Happy Feet” stepping its way into major markets with a solid $25.4 million at 6,000 prints in 37 territories.

Warners also saw impressive takings from the worldwide launch of Clint Eastwood’s “Letters From Iwo Jima” in Japan, where it finished first with $4.4 million at 402 — nearly triple the take for the launch of “Flags of Our Fathers,” which has grossed $13 million of its $22 million overseas total there. Warner has predicted “Letters” will top $40 million in Japan, where it’s drawing a younger demo, partly thanks due to the presence of pop star-turned-actor Kazunari Ninomiya.

Eastwood also gave the pic a boost by appearing onstage with his Japanese stars at the Nov. 15 world premiere at Tokyo’s Budokan arena. “Letters” opens Dec. 20 in the U.S.

“Casino Royale” had been dominating foreign biz in the three previous frames and now has cumed $247.2 million internationally and $376 million worldwide — just $55 million short of the Bond pic record set by “Die Another Day” in 2002. Its best perf came in the U.K. with $5.7 million at 952 in its fourth frame, pushing the Blighty cume to $80.5 million.

Australia welcomed “Casino Royale” with a launch of $5.45 million at 405, 44% bigger than “Die Another Day.” German biz stayed solid in its third frame with $5.1 million at 1,188, down 37%, as did French takings with $3 million at 773, off 43% from its soph sesh.

“Casino” saw a rare second-place launch in Mexico with $1.54 million at 564, narrowly losing to “Happy Feet” with $1.7 million. Holdover biz remained notable in Japan with $1.7 million at 444, off 27% in its second frame, and in Spain with $1.4 million at 479, down 24% in its third weekend.

In Scandinavia, “Casino” continued to cash in, with combined grosses hitting $22 million. The pic also set launch records for a Bond movie in seven Latin American markets.

The success of “Happy Feet” underlines the massive worldwide market for CGI toons, with “Ice Age: The Meltdown” and “Cars” grossing nearly $1.1 billion worldwide earlier this year.

“Feet” kicked in its best take in the U.K. with $6.8 million at 713, including previews, followed by Spain with an opening of $4.7 million at 470, France with $2.4 million at 830 and Mexico with $1.7 million at 736.

“Feet” also showed traction in Italy, where its second frame matched the launch with $1.9 million at 565, and in Germany, where its soph sesh scored $1.2 million at 772, down just 20%. International cume has hit $40.8 million and worldwide takings total $178 million.

UIP’s day-and-date launch of “The Holiday” turned in a respectable $9.6 million at 1,050 in nine markets for a $9,142 per-location average — nearly double the U.S. figure. Best perf came from the U.K., with $5.3 million at 420 including previews, double the opening of “Something’s Gotta Give.” Spain saw $2.6 million at 282, matching the debut of “Love Actually.”

“Holiday” will move into Germany, Korea and 16 other markets next frame as UIP takes advantage of the comedy’s Christmas theme. Director Nancy Meyers’ last pic, 2003’s “Something’s Gotta Give,” grossed $142 million in foreign markets and $266 million worldwide.

UIP saw decent biz from “Flushed Away” with $9.3 million at 3,382 in 33 markets, led by $2.1 million each in the U.K. and Spain in second frames. However, animated pic showed less traction in Germany with an opening of $1 million at 680. “Flushed” has cumed $35 million overseas and $95 million worldwide.

A third CGI toon, Sony’s “Open Season,” continued to tap the family aud with $5 million at 3,300 in 52 markets, pushing its foreign grosses past domestic with $87 million. Best takes came from launches in Italy ($2 million at 484) and Japan ($1 million at 446).

Warner’s “The Departed” remained an overseas mainstay with $7.6 million at 2,628 in 42 markets. Its German launch came in second with $2.2 million at 447, on par with “The Aviator,” and its French soph sesh declined 48% to $2.1 million at 649. International gross went past $100 million and worldwide hit $219 million.

Fox’s “Borat” remained a foreign player with $4.9 million at 2,000 to push overseas takings to $104.8 million and worldwide cume to $225 million. BVI expanded “Deja Vu” with $4.4 million at 1,175 in 10 markets, led by a Spanish soph sesh of $2.5 million at 430 — up 1% from launch — and No. 1 openings in Greece, Singapore, Thailand and Israel.

“Saw III” scared up another $2.5 million in 31 markets for an overseas cume of $55.5 million.

BVI’s “Santa Clause 3” chuckled up $2.4 million at 1,390 in 14 territories to push its foreign take to $13.8 million, while Fox’s “Deck the Halls” took in $2 million at 1,200, launching in Mexico with a modest $515,000 at 250.

UIP opened “Charlotte’s Web” in Australia, a week ahead of its Stateside debut, with a moderate $950,000 at 258 in third, on par with launches of “Open Season” and “The Polar Express.” BVI rolled out its 3-D version of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” impressively in South Korea with $250,000 at 26.

Mark Schilling in Japan contributed to this report.