CATEGORY: Adapted from the novel “The Devil Wears Prada” by Lauren Weisberger

STORYLINE: Recent journalism school grad and fashion-world neophyte Andy (Anne Hathaway) lands plum job as assistant to “boss from hell” Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), the editor of fashion bible Runway magazine.

ABOUT THE SCRIPT: “I loved the title,” says McKenna. “A lot of times when you read books about the workplace, you don’t believe them; the details in this book had the ring of authenticity.”

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: “The storyline. The novel didn’t have a lot of narrative.” McKenna constructed a storyline for the Stanley Tucci character and also “gave Christian (Simon Baker) a story function. We knew we wanted Andy to quit at the end, but when she quits, what is she rejecting? … It became a choice about what kind of future she wants.”

BREAKTHROUGH IDEA: “There was always the problem of why Miranda Priestly would hire Andy, because she was always unsuitable. So I pitched everyone the line: ‘Go ahead, hire the smart fat girl.’ I thought that would never make it into the movie, but it became a lynchpin.”

CHOICE LINE: At the end, seeing Andy across the street, Miranda simply says “Go” to her driver. “That whole scene is a wonderment to me because I feel like she says everything you need to know about Miranda in a nonverbal way: ‘I’m nicer than you might know.’ There’s loss, rejection, warmth — that’s Meryl.”