Well-traveled Oz filmmaker Noyce, the man behind “Dead Calm,” “The Quiet American” and “Rabbit-Proof Fence,” turned his gaze on South Africa with his latest pic, “Catch a Fire.”

“I’d always been interested in the struggle of the apartheid era, and the miracle of South Africa. And one of the huge advantages of being a film director is that you do get to create your version of a reality, and sort of take a time machine sideways or forward or back into it.”

Noyce says the pic, based on real-life antiapartheid rebel Patrick Chamusso (played by Luke Wilson) is a celebration of the power of forgiveness. “The hero redeems himself, and I love those kinds of stories. It comes from a situation of oppression and one of hate, really. He wants revenge, he wants retribution, and he works through that to a point where he realizes that that’s not going to solve anything. It’s only going to continue the conflict. People who are moved by the film are moved by that, mostly, not by any parallels to so much that’s going on yesterday and today, but rather by the ending of the movie, which I hope is very life-affirming and uplifting.”