Marc Forster

Stranger Than Fiction

“Finding Neverland” helmer Forster was looking for a comedy and leapt at Zach Helm’s “Stranger Than Fiction.”

“I thought this project had all the aspects — it was comedic, a modern-day fairy tale, but not on the broad end, and to me it also had a very strong existential meaning about life and death.”

The script notes that its hero, Harold Crick (Will Ferrell), has a “mathematical mind.” Saying that is one thing; putting it on the screen for the audience to understand proved quite another.

“The way to show that,” says Forster, “was by using the GUIs (graphical user interfaces) as a way to visually see inside Harold’s mind and learn more about him and his routine. When we started with the GUIs, I wasn’t happy until my visual effects designer, Kevin Haug found these graphic artists out of Kansas City, MK-12, who really created what I had in mind and transferred what I saw in the script to the screen.”