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CBS broke ahead of the pack in nominations for the 33rd Daytime Emmy Awards, scooping up 59 and dominating the prestigious drama and acting categories.

Noms were unveiled on Wednesday morning’s edition of ABC’s “The View.”

Syndicated shows also proved popular with voters, collecting 46, while ABC took third place with 37, followed by PBS (31) and NBC (20).

“The Young and the Restless” drew 18 mentions, including drama se-ries, where it will eyeball the Emmy with two other CBS shows, “Guiding Light” (14 noms) and “As the World Turns” (12). Also in the running is the Alphabet’s “General Hospital,” which is tied in third place with 12.

The Eye’s fourth drama skein, “The Bold and the Beautiful,” collected nine noms.

Two talkshows continued to perform well: “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” which notched up 11 nominations for the second year running, and “The View,” which tallied 10. Both will be in line for the top talker Emmy, along with “Dr. Phil” and “Live With Regis and Kelly.”

Perennial ratings favorite “The Oprah Winfrey Show” added to the boost to syndication with eight mentions, all for technical achievements as she removed herself and her show from contention a few years ago. Two syndicated shows also will face off for gamer, while their hosts, Alex Trebek and Meredith Vieira, respectively, were also nommed.

PBS’ “Sesame Street” rounded up nine noms plus a lifetime achieve-ment award for Carroll Spinney, who plays Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch.

ABC will air the awards live on April 23 from the Kodak Theater, marking the first time the ceremonies will be broadcast from Hollywood.

And the nominees are…

Outstanding Children’s Animated Program
Arthur (PBS) Pierre Valette, Executive Producer; Toper Taylor, Executive Producer; Lesley Taylor, Executive Producer; Marc Brown, Executive Producer; Paul Higgins, Coordinating Producer; Diane Dallaire, Producer; Jacqui Deegan, Producer; Geoff Adams, Producer; Tolon Brown, Producer; Greg Bailey, Producer/Director; Debra Toffan, Director; Peter Hirsch, Head Writer
Baby Looney Tunes (Cartoon Network) Sander Schwartz, Executive Producer; Tom Minton, Producer; Ron Myrick, Producer/Director; Michael Hack, Director; Carter Crocker, Writer; Marloe Weisman, Writer
Dora The Explorer (Nick Jr.) Chris Gifford, Executive Producer; Valerie Walsh, Executive ; Producer; Jeff Degrandis, Supervising Producer; Miken Wong, Line Producer; Cathy Galeota, Producer;
Christine Ricci, Producer; Eric Weiner, Producer/Head Writer; Sherie Pollack, Director; George Chialtas, Director
Jakers! The Adventures Of Piggley Winks (PBS) Mike Young, Executive Producer; Stephanie Gougeon, Executive Producer; Louisa Stretton, Executive Producer; Bill Schultz, Co-Executive Producer; Liz Young, Supervising Producer; Cary Silver, Line Producer; John Over, Producer/Director; Kelly Ward, Director; Sindy Mckay, Head Writer; Larry Swerdlove, Writer; Dennis Haley, Writer; Marcy Brown, Writer
Peter Garcia, Writer; Jennifer Yale, Writer
Peep (Discovery Kids) Kate Taylor, Executive Producer; Jessica Hanlon, Executive Producer; Melinda Toporoff, Supervising Producer; Vince Commisso, Senior Producer; Paul Higgins, Coordinating Producer; Steven Jarosz, Coordinating Producer; Marisa Wolsky, Producer; Geoff Adams, Producer; Kai Pindal, Producer; Rick Marshall, Director; Debra Toffan, Director; Kathy Waugh, Head Writer; Joe Fallon, Writer; Nick Raposo, Writer
Todd World (Discovery Kids) Bill Schultz, Executive Producer; Todd Parr, Executive Producer; Gerry Renert, Executive Producer; Amy Sprecher, Executive Producer; Paul Cummins, Executive Producer; Tapaas Chakravarti, Executive Producer; Mike Young, Co-Executive Producer; Liz Young, Co-Executive Producer; Carin Greenberg Baker, Supervising Producer; Melinda Toporoff, Supervising Producer; Marie Cecchino-Brand, Line Producer; Siobhan Ni Ghadhra, Producer; Stuart Cunningham, Producer; Jeff Gordon, Director; Glenn Kirkpatrick, Director; Doug Parker, Director; Corey Powell, Writer; Nicole Duboc, Writer; Cynthia Harrison, Writer; Don Gillies, Writer

Outstanding Special Class Animated Program
The Batman (Kids WB!) Sander Schwartz, Executive Producer; Alan Burnett, Executive Producer
Duane Capizzi, Supervising Producer/Story Editor; Michael Goguen, Supervising Producer; Jeff Matsuda, Producer; Linda M. Steiner, Producer; Glen Murakami, Producer; Seung Eun Kim, Director; Brandon Vietti, Director; Sam Liu, Director; Ginny Mcswain, Director
Coconut Fred’s Fruit Salad Island! (Kids Wb!) Sander Schwartz, Executive Producer; Aaron Simpson, Producer; Margaret M. Dean, Producer; Matt Danner, Supervising Director; Michael Donovan, Director; Michael Hack, Director; Ray Delaurentis, Writer; Will Shifrin, Writer
The Save-Ums! (Discovery Kids) Erin Wanner, Executive Producer; Beth Stevenson, Executive Producer; Steven Denure, Executive Producer; Neil Court, Executive Producer; Kym Hyde, Producer
John Mariella, Co-Producer; Aaron Linton, Director; Ben Pinkney, Director; Moris Molino, Director; Betty Quan, Writer; Dan Clark, Writer; Sheila Dinsmore, Writer
Tutenstein (NBC) Bruce Johnson, Executive Producer; William Baumann, Executive Producer; Paul Cummins, Executive Producer; Jessica Hanlon, Executive Producer; Fred Schaefer, Supervising Producer
Milt Vallas, Co-Producer; John Petrovitz, Co-Producer; Tom Gleason, Producer; Siobhan Ni Ghadhra, Producer; Mark Seidenberg, Producer/Writer; Rob Laduca, Director; Bob Richardson, Director; John Behnke, Writer; Rob Humphrey, Writer

Outstanding Achievement In Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design
Between The Lions (PBS) Laura Brock, Production Designer; Karen Wing, Art Director
The Ellen Degeneres Show (Syndication) John Shaffner, Production Designer; Joe Stewart, Production Designer; Christopher Goumas, Art Director; Tina Miller, Art Director; Robert Lee, Set Decorator; Michael C. Lewis, Set Decorator
Martha (Syndication) Jim Fenhagen, Production Designer; Anduin Havens, Art Director; Pam Peterson, Art Director; Tamara Dilworth, Set Decorator; Aaron Caramanis, Set Decorator; Jim Gardner, Set Decorator
The Oprah Winfrey Show (Syndication) Angelo Petratos, Production Designer; Tara Denise, Production Designer; Sean Post, Scenic Designer; Matt York, Scenic Designer; Anton Goss, Scenic Designer
Sesame Street (PBS) Victor Dinapoli, Production Designer; Lyndon Mosse, Art Director; Mike Pantuso, Art Director; Pete Ortiz, Art Director; Nat Mongioi, Set Decorator

Outstanding Achievement In Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design For A Drama Series
As The World Turns (CBS) Patrick Howe, Production Designer; Tim Goodmanson, Art Director
Dennis Donegan, Set Decorator; Catherine Mckenney, Set Decorator; Karen Hlipala, Set Decorator
The Bold And The Beautiful (CBS) Jack Forrestel, Production Designer; Fabrice Kenwood, Art Director; Elsa Zamparelli, Set Decorator; Charlotte Garnell Scheide, Set Decorator
One Life To Live (ABC) Roger Mooney, Production Designer; Ruth Wells, Art Director; John Kenny, Art Director; Martin Fahrer, Scenic Designer
The Young And The Restless (CBS) William Hultstrom, Production Designer; David Hoffmann, Art Director; Joe Bevacqua, Set Decorator; Fred Cooper, Set Decorator; Andrea Joel, Set Decorator

Outstanding Achievement For A Casting Director For A Drama Series
All My Children (ABC) Judy Blye Wilson, Casting Director
General Hospital (ABC) Mark Teschner, Casting Director
Guiding Light (CBS) Rob Decina, Casting Director
One Life To Live (ABC) Julie Madison, Casting Director
The Young And The Restless (CBS) Marnie Saitta, Casting Director

Outstanding Achievement In Single Camera Photography (Film Or Electronic)
Everyday Italian With Giada Delaurentis (Food) Richard Dallet, Director Of Photography
Inside This Old House (A&E) Larry Lecain, Electronic Camera
This Old House (PBS) Stephen D’onofrio, Electronic Camera
The Victory Garden (PBS) Joel Coblenz, Director Of Photography

Outstanding Achievement In Costume Design/Styling
The Ellen Degeneres Show (Syndication) Wendi Ferreira, Costume Stylist; Kellen Richards, Costume Stylist;
Kristi Yamaguchi Family & Friends (NBC) Jef Billings, Costume Designer
The Price Is Right (CBS) Robin Gurney, Costume Stylist
Sesame Street (PBS) Bill Kellard, Costume Designer/Live Actors; Terry Roberson, Costume Designer/Live Actors; Victoria Ellis, Costume Designer/Muppets; Rollin Krewson, Costume Designer/Muppets; Sarah Luraschi, Costume Designer/Muppets; Connie Peterson, Costume Designer/Muppets
Jason Weber, Costume Designer/Muppets; Michelle Hickey, Costume Designer/Muppets; Andrea Detweiler, Costume Designer/Muppets; Polly Smith, Costume Designer/Muppets; Jane Pien, Costume Designer/Muppets
The View (ABC) Francine Taylor, Costume Stylist

Outstanding Achievement In Costume Design For A Drama Series
All My Children (ABC) David R. Zyla, Costume Designer; Katherine Roth, Costume Designer; James P. Hammer, Costume Designer
The Bold And The Beautiful (CBS) Birgit Muller, Costume Designer
Days Of Our Lives (NBC) Richard Bloore, Costume Designer
The Young And The Restless (CBS) Jennifer Johns, Costume Designer

Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team
The Bold And The Beautiful (CBS) Michael Stich, Director; Deveney Kelly, Director; Cynthia J. Popp, Director; Jennifer Howard, Associate Director; Steven A. Wacker, Associate Director; Clyde Kaplan, Associate Director; Catherine Sedwick, Associate Director; Laura Yale, Stage Manager
Douglas Jon Hayden, Stage Manager
Days Of Our Lives (NBC) Herb Stein, Director; Albert Alarr, Director; Phil Sogard, Director
Roger Inman, Director; Julie Brady, Associate Director; Mason Dickson, Associate Director; Marius S. Darrow Iii, Associate Director; Lugh Powers, Associate Director; David Mawhinney, Associate Director
Francesca Bellini De Simone, Stage Manager; Joe Lumer, Stage Manager; Stuart W. Howard, Stage Manager
General Hospital (ABC) Owen Renfroe, Director; William Ludel, Director; Joseph Behar, Director; Scott Mckinsey, Director; Matthew Diamond, Director; Christine Magarian, Associate Director;
Ronald Cates, Associate Director; Penny Pengra, Associate Director; Peter Fillmore, Associate Director
R.C. Cates, Associate Director; Dave Mcleod, Associate Director; Crystal Craft, Stage Manager; Craig Mcmanus, Stage Manager
The Young And The Restless (CBS) Michael Denney, Director; Kathryn Foster, Director; Noel Maxam, Director; Sally Mcdonald, Director; Dean Lamont, Director; Marc Beruti, Associate Director; Christopher S. Mullen, Associate Director; Robbin Phillips, Associate Director; Jennifer Scott, Associate Director; Tom Mcdermott, Stage Manager; Herbert Weaver, Jr., Stage Manager; Barbara J. Roche, Stage Manager

Outstanding Directing In A Talk Show
The Ellen Degeneres Show (Syndication) Lenn Goodside, Director
The View (ABC) Mark Gentile, Director

Outstanding Directing In A Service Show
Easy Entertaining With Michael Chiarello (Food) Natalie Gustafson, Director
Everyday Italian With Giada Delaurentis (Food) Irene Wong, Director
Martha (Syndication) Bob Mckinnon, Director
Passport To Europe With Samantha Brown (Travel) Joan Mccord, Director; Sylvia Caminer, Director; Sid Goldberg, Director

Outstanding Directing In A Children’s Series
Barney & Friends (PBS) Fred Holmes, Director; Jim Rowley, Director
Sesame Street (PBS) Victor Dinapoli, Director; Lisa Simon, Director; Jim Martin, Director
Ted May, Director; Ken Diego, Director; Emily Squires, Director; Kevin Clash, Director
Zoom (PBS) Bob Comiskey, Director

Outstanding Special Class Directing
79Th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (NBC) Gary Halvorson, Director
9/11 Memorial From Ground Zero (Syndication) David Stern, Director; Annette Jolles, Director
Thanksgiving Day Parade On CBS (CBS) Glenn Weiss, Director

Outstanding Achievement In Single Camera Editing
Dr. Phil (Syndication) Ann Keniston, Editor; Arthur Booth, Editor; Paul Broz, Editor
Rodney Chew, Editor; William Lorton, Editor; Craig Mayo, Editor; Thomas Quick, Editor; James Perry, Editor; Juliette Olavarria, Editor; Fernando Martinez, Editor; Peter Zifchak, Editor; Peter Dunn, Editor; Jonny Jenks, Editor; Todd Portugal, Editor; Bruce Malm, Editor; Harris Cohen, Editor; Matthew Moul, Editor
Inside This Old House (A&E) John O’Brien II, Editor
Starting Over (Syndication) Leellen Patchen, Editor; Steve Urrutia, Editor; Karen Snyder, Editor; Barry Zetlin, Editor; Peggy Tachdjian, Editor; Raoul Rosenberg, Editor; Maria Vitakis, Editor
Aaron Lewis, Editor; Joe Shugart, Editor; Melissa Puente, Editor; Mac Caudill, Editor; Marc Grossman, Editor; Arek Hope, Editor; Steve Mellon, Editor
The View (ABC) Rich Provost, Editor

Outstanding Achievement In Multiple Camera Editing
Dr. Phil (Syndication) Jeff Spalla, Editor; Robyn T. Migel, Editor; Kelly Smith, Editor
The Ellen Degeneres Show (Syndication) Michael Cole, Editor
The Oprah Winfrey Show (Syndication) Mike Mabbott, Senior Editor; John Strolia, Senior Editor; Neil Coleman, Senior Editor; Tim Drover, Senior Editor; Dan Fisher, Senior Editor; Chuck Floramo, Senior Editor; Tom Pyers, Senior Editor; Dan Towell, Senior Editor; Michael D. Sherry, Senior Editor; Judi Bushala, Editor; Cynthia S. Cameron, Editor; Joseph Corbin Davis, III, Editor; Jay Eckensberger, Editor; Kevin G. Gist, Editor; Richard Hemmingway, Editor; John Kilpatrick, Editor; James Pilarski, Editor; Sari Rosenthal, Editor; Larry Sexton, Editor; Eric Will, Editor
Sesame Street (PBS) Robert J. Emerick, Supervising Editor; Selbern Narby, Editor; John Tierney, Editor; Chris Reinhart, Editor

Outstanding Achievement In Multiple Camera Editing For A Drama Series

As The World Turns (CBS) Robert Mackler, Editor; Matthew Griffin, Editor
General Hospital (ABC) Peter Fillmore, Editor; Donald Smith, Editor; David Gonzalez, Editor
Christine Magarian, Editor; Ronald Cates, Editor; Penny Pengra, Editor
One Life To Live (ABC) Teresa Ann Cicala, Editor; Tracey Casper Lang, Editor; Mary Ryan, Editor; Barry Gingold, Editor; Suzanne Flynn, Editor; Anthony Wilkinson, Editor
The Young And The Restless (CBS) Marc Beruti, Editor; Rafael Gertel, Editor; Steve Pierron, Editor; Zoe Edgerton, Editor; Clayton E. Whitney, Editor

Outstanding Achievement In Hairstyling
Dr. Phil (Syndication) Annette Jones, Hairstylist; Mimi Vodnoy-Love, Hairstylist
Full Frontal Fashion (We) Christine Fennell, Hairstylist
The Oprah Winfrey Show (Syndication) Andre Walker, Hairstylist
The Price Is Right (CBS) Mira Wilder, Hairstylist
The Tyra Banks Show (Syndication) Kiyah Wright, Hairstylist; Teresa Broadnax, Hairstylist
The View (ABC) Deirdre Stadtmauer, Hairstylist; Bryant Renfroe, Hairstylist; Lavette Slater, Hairstylist

Outstanding Achievement In Hairstyling For A Drama Series
The Bold And The Beautiful (CBS) Kathy Weltman, Hairstylist; Carlos Pelz, Hairstylist; Linda Dalbeck Rasmussen, Hairstylist
Days Of Our Lives (NBC) Margaret Puga, Hairstylist; Garry Allyn, Hairstylist; Arleen Chavez, Hairstylist; Kimberly Salvatore, Hairstylist
General Hospital (ABC) Kimber L. Anderson, Head Hairstylist; Joe Matke, Hairstylist; Linda Osgood, Hairstylist; Michael Anton Prockiw, Hairstylist; Curt S. Darling, Hairstylist; Anzahela Adzhiyan, Hairstylist; Joann Onorio, Hairstylist
One Life To Live (ABC) Wayne Bilotti, Hairstylist; Laurie Cacioli, Hairstylist; Marie Rossi, Hairstylist; Beverly Belleteri, Hairstylist

Outstanding Achievement In Lighting Direction
The Ellen Degeneres Show (Syndication) Robert Dickinson, Lighting Designer; Marisa Davis, Lighting Director
Martha (Syndication) Alan Blacher, Lighting Designer
The Oprah Winfrey Show (Syndication) Tara Denise, Lighting Director; Sean Post, Lighting Director
Sesame Street (PBS) Dan Kelley, Lighting Designer
The View (ABC) Candice Dunn, Lighting Designer
Wheel Of Fortune (Syndication) Jeff Engel, Lighting Director

Outstanding Achievement In Lighting Direction For A Drama Series
As The World Turns (CBS) Donna Larson, Lighting Designer; Nicholas Varacalli, Lighting Designer
The Bold And The Beautiful (CBS) Rudy Hunter, Lighting Director
Days Of Our Lives (NBC) Ted Polmanski, Lighting Designer; Mark Levin, Lighting Designer; Art Busch, Lighting Designer
Guiding Light (CBS) Brian W. Mcrae, Lighting Designer; Anthony Girolami, Lighting Designer

Outstanding Achievement In Main Title Design
The Ellen Degeneres Show (Syndication) Linda Kahn, Title Designer; Annie Babin, Graphic Artist
Guiding Light (CBS) Kathryn Peaslee, Title Designer; George Waite, Title Designer
Martha (Syndication) Scott Duncan, Title Designer; Sean Foley, Title Designer; Yael Eisele, Graphic Artist; An Diels, Graphic Artist
Saving A Species: Sharks At Risk (Discovery Kids) Johnathan Safford, Graphic Artist

Outstanding Achievement In Makeup
Full Frontal Fashion (We) Julie Teel, Makeup Artist
The Oprah Winfrey Show (Syndication) Reggie Wells, Makeup Artist
The Price Is Right (CBS) Carol Wood, Makeup Artist
Soap Talk (Soapnet) Adam Christopher, Key Makeup Artist; Felicia Linsky, Makeup Artist
The View (ABC) Eve Pearl, Makeup Artist; Rebecca Borman, Makeup Artist; Karen Dupiche, Makeup Artist; Elena George, Makeup Artist; Lori Klein, Makeup Artist

Outstanding Achievement In Makeup For A Drama Series
The Bold And The Beautiful (CBS) Christine Lai-Johnson, Makeup Artist; Chris Escobosa, Makeup Artist; Marlene Mason, Makeup Artist
Days Of Our Lives (NBC) Gail J. Hopkins, Head Makeup Artist; Nina Wells, Makeup Artist; Deidre Decker-Wilson, Makeup Artist; Gail Brubaker, Makeup Artist; Joleen Rizzo, Makeup Artist
Passions (NBC) Toby Lamm, Head Makeup Artist; Natasja Hewitson, Makeup Artist; Amy Sparks, Makeup Artist; Victoria Doering, Makeup Artist
The Young And The Restless (CBS) Patricia Denney, Key Makeup Artist; Robert Bolger, Makeup Artist; Kathy Jones, Makeup Artist; Taia Red, Makeup Artist; Ralph Wilcox, Makeup Artist

Outstanding Achievement In Music Direction And Composition
Baby Looney Tunes (Cartoon Network) Steven R. Bernstein, Composer; Julie Bernstein, Composer
Clifford’s Puppy Days (PBS) Jared Faber, Music Director/Composer
Maya And Miguel (PBS) David Ricard, Composer
The Oprah Winfrey Show (Syndication) Parker Williams, Music Director
Sesame Street (PBS) Mike Renzi, Music Director; Dave Conner, Music Director; Tony Geiss, Composer; Danny Epstein, Composer

Outstanding Achievement In Music Direction And Composition For A Drama Series
As The World Turns (CBS) Bryan Lydell, Music Director; James Kowal, Music Director; David Nichtern, Composer; Kevin Bents, Composer; Jordan Lieb, Composer; George Whitty, Composer; Gary Kuo, Composer; Ed Dzubak, Composer; Jamie Lawrence, Composer; Michael Licari, Composer; Dominic Messinger, Composer
Days Of Our Lives (CBS) Amy Evans, Music Director; Stephen Reinhardt, Music Director; Ken Corday, Composer; Brent Nelson, Composer
One Life To Live (CBS) Paul Glass, Supervising Music Director/Composer; Daniel P. Krausz, Music Director; Dave Marino, Music Director; David Nichtern, Composer; Lee Holdridge, Composer; Dominic Messinger, Composer; Kevin Bents, Composer; Jordan Lieb, Composer; Bette Sussman, Composer
George Whitty, Composer; Michal Towber, Composer
The Young And The Restless (CBS) Mike Dobson, Music Supervisor; Jack Allocco, Composer; David Kurtz, Composer

Outstanding Original Song
The Buzz On Maggie (Disney); Song Title: Just The Way I Am Bob Thiele, Composer/Lyricist; Dillon O’brian, Composer/Lyricist
General Hospital (ABC) Song Title: Where You Are; Bob Hartry, Composer/Lyricist
Rie Sinclair, Composer/Lyricist
One Life To Live (ABC) Song Title: The Way You Look At Me; Keith Follese, Composer/Lyricist; Andrew Fromm, Composer/Lyricist
Today Show (NBC) Song Title: Live For Today Randy Wachtler, Composer; Phil Vassar, Composer/Lyricist; Julie Vassar, Composer
The Young And The Restless (CBS) Song Title: Sunshine Michael Kisur, Composer/Lyricist; Bradley Hatfield, Composer

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series
All My Children (ABC) Bobbie Eakes, As Krystal Carey
The Bold And The Beautiful (CBS) Susan Flannery, As Stephanie Forrester
General Hospital (ABC) Kelly Monaco, As Sam Mccall
Guiding Light (CBS) Beth Ehlers, As Harley Davidson Cooper
Guiding Light (CBS) Kim Zimmer, As Reva Lewis

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series
All My Children (ABC) Thorsten Kaye, As Zach Slater
General Hospital (ABC) Anthony Geary, As Luke Spencer
General Hospital (ABC) Maurice Benard, As Sonny Corinthos
Guiding Light (CBS) Robert Newman, As Joshua Lewis
Guiding Light (CBS) Ron Raines, As Alan Spaulding

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series
As The World Turns (CBS) Jennifer Ferrin , As Jennifer Munson
Guiding Light (CBS) Crystal Chappell , As Olivia Spencer
Guiding Light (CBS) Gina Tognoni , As Dinah Marler
One Life To Live (ABC) Renee Goldsberry , As Evangeline Williamson
The Young And The Restless (CBS) Tracey E. Bregman , As Lauren Fenmore

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series
As The World Turns (CBS) Trent Dawson, As Henry Coleman
As The World Turns (CBS) Grayson Mccouch, As Dustin Donovan
General Hospital (ABC) Tyler Christopher, As Nikolas Cassadine
Guiding Light (CBS) Jordan Clarke, As Billy Lewis
The Young And The Restless (CBS) Greg Rikaart, As Kevin Fisher

Outstanding Younger Actress In A Drama Series
All My Children (ABC) Leven Rambin, As Lily Montgomery
As The World Turns (CBS) Jennifer Landon, As Gwen Norbeck
Guiding Light (CBS) Mandy Bruno, As Marina Cooper
The Young And The Restless (CBS) Christel Khalil, As Lily Winters
The Young And The Restless (CBS) Camryn Grimes, As Cassie Newman

Outstanding Younger Actor In A Drama Series
As The World Turns (CBS) Jesse Lee Soffer, As Will Munson
General Hospital (ABC) Scott Clifton, As Dillon Quartermaine
Guiding Light (CBS) Tom Pelphrey, As Jonathan Randall
The Young And The Restless (CBS) Michael Graziadei, As Daniel Romalotti
The Young And The Restless (CBS) Bryton Mcclure, As Devon Hamilton
Outstanding Performer In A Children’s Series
Darcy’s Wild Life (NBC), Sara Paxton
Endurance: Tehachapi (NBC), Jd Roth
Lazytown (Nick), Julianna Rose Mauriello
Sesame Street (PBS), Kevin Clash

Outstanding Performer In A Children/Youth/Family Special
Edge Of America (Showtime), James Mcdaniel
Edge Of America (Showtime), Tim Daly

Outstanding Performer In An Animated Program
Jakers! The Adventures Of Piggley Winks (PBS), Maile Flanagan
Jakers! The Adventures Of Piggley Winks (PBS), Russi Taylor
Jakers! The Adventures Of Piggley Winks (PBS), Tara Strong
Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends (Nick), Tony Jay
Pet Alien (Cartoon), Jess Harnell

Outstanding Game Show Host
Jeopardy! (Syndication), Alex Trebek, Host
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Syndication), Meredith Vieira, Host

Outstanding Talk Show Host
The Ellen Degeneres Show (Syndication), Ellen Degeneres, Host
Live With Regis & Kelly (Syndication), Regis Philbin, Co-Host, Kelly Ripa, Co-Host
Soap Talk (Soapnet) Ty Treadway, Co-Host, Lisa Rinna, Co-Host
The View (ABC), Barbara Walters, Co-Host, Meredith Vieira, Co-Host, Star Jones Reynolds, Co-Host, Joy Behar, Co-Host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Co-Host

Outstanding Service Show Host
30 Minute Meals With Rachael Ray (Food), Rachael Ray, Host
Essence Of Emeril With Emeril Lagasse (Food), Emeril Lagasse, Host
Martha (Syndication), Martha Stewart, Host
Suze Orman: For The Young, Fabulous & Broke (PBS), Suze Orman, Host

Outstanding Drama Series
As The World Turns (CBS), Christopher Goutman, Executive Producer, Carole Shure, Senior Producer, Vivian Gundaker, Producer, Jennifer Maloney, Coordinating Producer
General Hospital (ABC), Jill Farren Phelps, Executive Producer, Mary O’leary, Producer, Mercer Barrows, Producer, Michelle Henry, Producer, Deborah Genovese, Coordinating Producer, Robert Guza, Jr., Consulting Producer, Charles Pratt, Jr., Consulting Producer
Guiding Light (CBS), Ellen Wheeler, Executive Producer, Alexandra Johnson, Producer, Maria Macina, Producer, Jan Conklin, Coordinating Producer
The Young And The Restless (CBS), William J. Bell, Executive Producer, John F. Smith, Co-Executive Producer, Edward J. Scott, Supervising Producer, John C. Fisher, Coordinating Producer, Kathryn Foster, Producer

Outstanding Game/Audience Participation Show
Jeopardy! (Syndication), Harry Friedman, Executive Producer/Writer, Lisa Finneran, Senior Producer, Rocky Schmidt, Senior Producer, Gary Johnson, Senior Producer/Writer, Kevin Mccarthy, Director, John Duarte, Writer, Kathy Easterling, Writer, Mark Gaberman, Writer, Debbie Griffin, Writer, Michele Loud, Writer, Andrew Shepard Price, Writer, Jim Rhine, Writer, Steve D. Tamerius, Writer, Billy Wisse, Writer
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Syndication), Michael Davies, Executive Producer, Paul Smith, Executive Producer,
Leigh Hampton, Executive Producer/Writer, Vincent Rubino, Co-Executive Producer, Meredith Vieira, Co-Executive Producer,
Richard Sirop, Supervising Producer, Jennifer Weeks, Producer, Dominique Bruballa, Line Producer, Matthew Cohen, Director, Stan Hsue, Head Writer, Art Chung, Writer, Amy Ozols, Writer, Eben Russell, Writer, David Wilk, Writer

Outstanding Pre-School Children’s Series
Blue’s Room Nick, Angela C. Santomero, Executive Producer, Marcy Pritchard Shablak, Supervising Producer, Traci Paige Johnson, Executive Producer, Jennifer Twomey, Executive Producer, Wendy Harris, Co-Executive Producer, Dr. Alice Wilder, Producer, David Palmer, Producer, Claire Curley, Producer
Hi-5 Dsc Kids, Helena Harris, Executive Producer, Wendy Douglas, Supervising Producer, Marcel Zammit, Line Producer
Paz Dsc Kids, Amy Sprecher, Executive Producer, Marjorie Kaplan, Co-Executive Producer, Ruud Van Breugel, Co-Executive Producer, Tom Van Waveren, Co-Executive Producer, Erin Wanner, Producer, Clive Juster, Producer, James Still, Producer, Roland Tongue, Producer
Sesame Street (PBS), Lewis Bernstein, Executive Producer, Kevin Clash, Co-Executive Producer, Carol-Lynn Parente, Senior Producer, Karen Ialacci, Coordinating Producer, Melissa Dino, Producer, Tim Carter, Co-Producer

Outstanding Children’s Series
Between The Lions (PBS), Judith Stoia, Executive Producer, Brigid Sullivan, Executive Producer, Christopher Cerf, Executive Producer, Norman Stiles, Executive Producer, Diane Hartman, Executive Producer, Carol Klein, Supervising Producer, Beth Kirsch, Coordinating Producer
Endurance: Tehachapi (NBC), Jd Roth, Executive Producer, Todd A. Nelson, Executive Producer, John Foy, Executive Producer, Erin Wanner, Executive Producer, Grady Candler, Co-Executive Producer, Caleb Nelson, Producer, Julie Singer, Producer, Matt Westmore, Coordinating Producer, Ian Golding, Producer, Eric Westmore, Line Producer
Postcards From Buster (PBS), Pierre Valette, Executive Producer, Carol Greenwald, Executive Producer, Marc Brown, Executive Producer, Toper Taylor, Executive Producer, Paul Higgins, Coordinating Producer, Natatcha Estebanez, Producer,
Lesley Taylor, Producer, Tolon Brown, Producer, Ellie Lee, Producer, Diane Dallaire, Line Producer
Strange Days At Blake Holsey High (NBC), Jeff F. King, Executive Producer, Adam Haight, Executive Producer, Erin Wanner, Executive Producer, Jim Rapsas, Executive Producer, Kevin May, Producer, Tony Thatcher, Producer
Zoom (PBS), Kate Taylor, Executive Producer, Kathleen Shugrue, Senior Producer, Paul Serafini, Supervising Producer, Marcy Gunther, Coordinating Producer, Marisa Wolsky, Producer

Outstanding Children/Youth/Family Special
Reality Matters: Teen Sexuality (Discovery Health), Stacey Dewitt, Executive Producer, Collin Siedor, Executive Producer/Writer, Clare Roy, Producer, Karen Savage, Producer/Writer,
Saving A Species: Sharks At Risk (Discovery Kids), Jim Rapsas, Executive Producer, Shelia Voss, Executive Producer, Guy Nickerson, Executive Producer/Director, Elaine Pugliese, Supervising Producer, Christine Charlick, Producer, Julie Scardina, Producer, Danielle Magee, Producer, Lori Schildwatcher, Producer, Jan Decamp, Writer

Outstanding Talk Show
Dr. Phil (Syndication), Carla Pennington Stewart, Executive Producer, Angie Kraus Bell, Senior Supervising Producer, Kandi Amelon Sawyer, Senior Coordinating Producer, Kathy Giaconia, Supervising Producer, Anita Pepper, Producer, Astra Austin, Producer, Jill Skinner, Producer, John Perry, Producer, Julie Ross, Producer, Lisa Steinke, Producer, Katerina Monemvassitis (Campbell), Producer, Lori Read, Producer, Jennifer Anastasi, Producer, Ianthe Jones, Producer, Stephanie Granader, Producer
The Ellen Degeneres Show (Syndication), Ellen Degeneres, Executive Producer, Mary Connelly, Executive Producer, Ed Glavin, Executive Producer, Andy Lassner, Executive Producer, Mike Gibbons, Supervising Producer, Derek Westervelt, Coordinating Producer, Jason Gabel, Senior Producer, Melissa Geiger Schrift, Senior Producer, Jonathan Norman, Senior Producer, Christine Schomer, Producer, Karen Kilgariff, Producer, Lori Blackman, Producer, Bradford Brillowski, Producer, Melissa Costello, Producer, Karen Anderson, Producer, Danny Breen, Producer, Margaret Smith, Producer, Alison Balian, Producer, Danny Ceballos, Producer, Liz Feldman, Producer, Jill Kushner, Producer, Derek Che, Producer, Greg Fitzsimmons, Producer
Live With Regis & Kelly (Syndication), Michael Gelman, Executive Producer, Regis Philbin, Executive Producer, Albert Bianchini, Producer, Deborah Koenig-Raptis, Producer, Cindy Macdonald, Producer, David Mullen, Producer, John Ogle, Producer, Marco Puglia, Producer, Mariann Sabol-Nieves, Producer, Joanne Saltzman, Producer, Jan Schillay, Producer, Elyssa Shapiro, Producer, Delores Spruell-Jackson, Producer, Jennifer Ulrich, Producer, Anne Marie Williams-Gray, Producer
The View (ABC) , Bill Geddie, Executive Producer, Barbara Walters, Executive Producer, Alexandra Cohen, Supervising Producer, Patrick Ignozzi, Coordinating Producer, Matthew J. Strauss, Coordinating Producer, Jennifer Brookman, Producer, Jonathan Faulhaber, Producer, Dana Goodman, Producer, Audrey Jones, Producer, Jamie Kotkin-Hammer, Producer, Gregory Piccioli, Producer, Rachel M. Weintraub, Producer

Outstanding Service Show
30 Minute Meals With Rachael Ray (Food), Bob Tuschman, Executive Producer, Mark Dissin, Executive Producer
Essence Of Emeril With Emeril Lagasse (Food), Emeril Lagasse, Executive Producer, Georgia Downard, Executive Producer, Karen Katz, Executive Producer
Martha (Syndication), Martha Stewart, Executive Producer, Mark Burnett, Executive Producer, Rob Dauber, Co-Executive Producer, Conrad Riggs, Co-Executive Producer, Lisa Wagner, Supervising Producer, Jeffry Culbreth, Supervising Producer,
Christina Deyo, Supervising Producer, Meredith Paige, Supervising Producer, Deb Savo, Supervising Producer, Laurie J. Rich, Coordinating Producer, Suzanne Bass, Coordinating Producer, Greta Anthony, Producer, James Avenell, Producer, George Davilas, Producer, Elena Ferretti, Producer, Barbara Fight, Producer, John Filimon, Producer, Stephanie Fitzhugh, Producer, Robin Hommel, Producer, Marc Honaker, Producer, Angie Ketterman, Producer, Peter Killeen, Producer, Ann Macmullan, Producer, Wes Martin, Producer, Judy Morris, Producer, Jana Petrosini, Producer, Teresa Sorrentino-Dezio, Producer, Ashley Sparks, Producer, Simone Swink, Producer, Lenore Welby, Producer, Shara Kabakow, Line Producer
Suze Orman: For The Young, Fabulous & Broke (PBS), Gerry Richman, Executive Producer, Phylis Geller, Producer, Suze Orman, Co-Producer, Kathy Travis, Co-Producer
This Old House (PBS), Bruce Irving, Executive Producer, David Vos, Senior Producer, Deborah Hood, Producer

Outstanding Special Class Series
Animal Rescue (Syndication), Alex Paen, Executive Producer/Host
A Baby Story (TLC), Terri Johnson, Executive Producer, Paul Don Vito, Executive Producer, Steven Weinstock, Executive Producer, Glenda Hersh, Executive Producer, Nikki Taub, Executive Producer, Liz Layton, Supervising Producer, Lorri Leighton, Senior Producer, Christina Marra Mcelroy, Producer, Consuelo Villanueva, Producer, Sadye White, Producer, Liza Gangi Heiskell, Producer, Nikki Borrelli, Line Producer, Judge Judy (Syndication), Randy Douthit, Executive Producer, Timothy Regler, Executive Producer, Victoria Jenest, Supervising Producer, Kirk Leins, Coordinating Producer, Christopher Thomas, Coordinating Producer, Shannon Weber-Arellano, Senior Producer, Richard Russakoff, Producer, Cybil Jordan-Malachi, Producer, Tina Nicotera, Producer, Jill Wilderman, Producer, May Johnson, Producer, Jonathan Sebastien, Producer, Judge Judy Sheindlin, Host
Starting Over (Syndication), Jon Murray, Executive Producer, Millee Taggart-Ratcliffe, Executive Producer, Linda Midgett, Co-Executive Producer, Joan O’connor, Co-Executive Producer, Laura Korkoian, Supervising Producer, Tracy Whittaker, Supervising Producer, Jeanine Cornillot, Supervising Producer, Adriane Hopper, Supervising Producer, Julia Silverton, Supervising Producer, Jennifer Byrne, Coordinating Producer, Roger C. Memos, Coordinating Producer, Jeannine Denholm, Producer, Julie Hoffman, Producer, Elaine Perkins, Producer, Lisa Digiovine, Producer, Barbara Pritchard, Producer, Sasha Alpert, Producer, Kara Hogan, Producer, Trisha Boyd, Producer, Raquel Velasquez, Producer, Lisa Weiss, Producer, Joe Alonso, Producer, Peggy Murphy, Producer, Jim Bedford, Producer, Brandon Wilson, Producer, Rubye Wilson, Producer, Jonathan Reiner, Producer, John Salcido, Producer, Barbara Davilman, Producer, Ron Mackovich, Producer, Maria Akl, Producer, Andrea Bailey, Producer, James Lockard, Producer, Alex Miltsch, Producer, Chris Tappy, Producer, Guido Verweyen, Producer, Francesca James, Producer, Dana De Mars, Line Producer, Cliff Grant, Line Producer, Rhonda Britten, Host, Iyanla Vanzant, Host, Dr. Stan Katz, Host
Trading Spaces: Boys Vs. Girls (NBC), Margaret M. Cronan, Executive Producer, John Harvey, Executive Producer, Martha Ripp, Executive Producer, Susan Cohen-Dickler, Executive Producer, Jan Dickler, Executive Producer, Ray Murray, Executive Producer, Lisa Fassano, Producer, Annie Bennett, Producer, Marc Lowenstein, Producer, Sue Clark Overton, Producer, Gerry Grzywacz, Producer, Gabrielle Mahler, Producer, Diane Mizota, Host, Chuck Cureau, Host

Outstanding Special Class Special
79Th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (NBC), Brad Lachman, Executive Producer, Bill Bracken, Producer, Katie Couric, Co-Host, Matt Lauer, Co-Host, Al Roker, Co-Host
9/11 Memorial From Ground Zero (Syndication), David Stern, Executive Producer, Annette Jolles, Supervising Producer, Lenny Laxer, Coordinating Producer, Deni Graap, Coordinating Producer, Susi Wuennenberg, Producer, Susan Pomerantz, Producer, Adam Cooper, Producer
Soapnet Reveals (ABC)/Soap Secrets (Soapnet), Stephen Kroopnick, Executive Producer, Stu Schreiberg, Executive Producer, Judy Meyers, Executive Producer, Matthew Wright, Producer
Tournament Of Roses Parade, 117th (NBC), Arthur Forrest, Executive Producer, Carol Kahl, Supervising Producer, Stephanie Prescott, Coordinating Producer, Tom Patino, Producer, Al Roker, Co-Host, Nancy O’Dell, Co-Host
Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade, 2005 (ABC) , Andy Perrott, Executive Producer, Jeff Palmer, Supervising Producer, John Best, Coordinating Producer, Philip Hack, Line Producer, Regis Philbin, Co-Host, Kelly Ripa, Co-Host, Ryan Seacrest, Co-Host

Outstanding Achievement In Sound Editing – Live Action And Animation
The Batman (Kids WB!), Tom Syslo, Supervising Sound Editor, Timothy Borquez, M.P.S.E., Supervising Sound Editor, Keith Dickens, Sound Editor, Erik Foreman, Sound Editor, Jeff Hutchins, Sound Editor, Daniel Benshimon, Sound Editor, Doug Andorka, Sound Editor, Eric Freeman, Sound Editor, Mark Howlett, Sound Editor, Mark Keatts, Supervising Dialogue/Adr Editor, Michael Garcia, Dialogue/Adr Editor, Mark Keefer, Dialogue/Adr Editor, Charles Smith, Dialogue/Adr Editor
Coconut Fred’s Fruit Salad Island! (Kids WB!), Joe Pizzulo, Supervising Sound Editor, Rick Hinson, M.P.S.E., Sound Effects Editor, Mark Keatts, Supervising Dialogue/Adr Editor, Michael Garcia, Dialogue/Adr Editor, Mark Keefer, Dialogue/Adr Editor, Charles Smith, Dialogue/Adr Editor, Will Anderson, Supervising Music Editor
Johnny Test (WB), Mark Keatts, Supervising Dialogue/Adr Editor, Otis Van Osten, Supervising Sound Editor, Melinda Rediger, Co-Supervising Sound Editor, Michael Garcia, Dialogue/Adr Editor, Mark Keefer, Dialogue/Adr Editor, Charles Smith, Dialogue/Adr Editor, Jeff Shiffman, Sound Effects Editor
Loonatics Unleashed (Kids WB!), Timothy Borquez, M.P.S.E., Supervising Sound Editor, Tom Syslo, Supervising Sound Editor, George Nemzer, Sound Editor, Doug Andorka, Sound Editor, Jeff Hutchins, Sound Editor, Mark Howlett, Sound Editor, Keith Dickens, Sound Editor, Eric Freeman, Sound Editor, Mark Keatts, Supervising Dialogue/Adr Editor, Michael Garcia, Dialogue/Adr Editor, Mark Keefer, Dialogue/Adr Editor, Charles Smith, Dialogue/Adr Editor
Xiaolin Showdown (Kids WB!), Timothy Borquez, M.P.S.E., Supervising Sound Editor, Tom Syslo, Supervising Sound Editor, Daisuke Sawa, Sound Editor, Doug Andorka, Sound Editor, Eric Freeman, Sound Editor, Mark Keatts, Supervising Dialogue/Adr Editor, Michael Garcia, Dialogue/Adr Editor, Mark Keefer, Dialogue/Adr Editor, Charles Smith, Dialogue/Adr Editor, Mark Howlett, Sound Editor

Outstanding Achievement In Live & Direct To Tape Sound Mixing
The Ellen Degeneres Show (Syndication), Terry Fountain, Production Mixer, Billy Sherry, Sound Effects Mixer, The Oprah Winfrey Show (Syndication), J.R. Chappell, Production Mixer, Tim Reisig, Production Mixer, Gerry Formicola, Production Mixer, Susan Durler, Post-Production Mixer, Jim Slanger, Post-Production Mixer, The Price Is Right (CBS), Dirk Sciarrotta, Production Mixer, David Vaughn, Re-Recording Mixer, Maryann Jorgenson, Music Mixer, Hope Vinitsky, Sound Effects Mixer
The View (ABC), Edward J. Garofalo, Production Mixer, Peter Hefter, Production Mixer, Tim Pankewicz, Production Mixer, Vann Weller, Production Mixer

Outstanding Achievement In Live & Direct To Tape Sound Mixing For A Drama Series
The Bold And The Beautiful (CBS), Jennifer Radulovich, Production/Re-Recording Mixer, Brian Connell, Production/Re-Recording Mixer, Jerry Martz, Sound Effects Mixer, Daniel Lecuna, Re-Recording Mixer, Dave Golba, Boom Operator, Jim Hope, Boom Operator, Stan Sweeney, Boom Operator
General Hospital (ABC), Elyse Pecora, Production Mixer, Nick Kleissas, Production Mixer, Donald Smith, Post-Production Mixer, Nicholas Marcus, Post-Production Mixer, David Gonzalez, Post-Production Mixer, Fred Fryrear, Boom Operator, Paulette Schriener, Boom Operator, Christina Tyson, Boom Operator, Sandra Masone, Boom Operator,
Passions (NBC), Bruce Bottone, Production Mixer, Walter New, Re-Recording Mixer, Daniel Bosworth, Re-Recording Mixer, Ricardo Alvarez, Boom Operator, Anthony Dalferes, Boom Operator, Greg Ferrara, Boom Operator, Carol Silverman, Boom Operator, Al Taddeo, Boom Operator
The Young And The Restless (CBS), Tommy Persson, Production Mixer, Brian Aponte, Post-Production Mixer, Peter Mallard, Post-Production Mixer, Manuel Moreno, Post-Production Mixer, Dino Johnson, Post-Production Mixer, Mikael Persson, Pre-Production Mixer, Luis Godinez, Sr., Boom Operator, Mark Beckley, Boom Operator, Mark Mooney, Boom Operator

Outstanding Achievement In Sound Mixing – Live Action And Animation
Dora The Explorer (Nick Jr.), Juan Aceves, Re-Recording Mixer, Sesame Street (PBS), Blake Norton, Production Mixer, Bob Schott, Re-Recording Mixer, Jim Czak, Re-Recording Mixer, Dick Maitland, Re-Recording Mixer
Sunday Morning Shootout With Peter Bart & Peter Guber (AMC), Ish Garcia, Production Mixer, Evan Adelman, Production Mixer, Tournament Of Roses Parade, 117Th (CBS), Chris Maddalone, Production Mixer, Dirk Sciarrotta, Sound Effects Mixer
Zoom (PBS), Christopher Allan, Production Mixer, Dan Lesiw, Re-Recording Mixer

Outstanding Achievement In Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video
The Ellen Degeneres Show (Syndication), Victor Caruso, Technical Director, Randy Johnson, Senior Video, Forrest Chip Fraser, Iv, Electronic Camera, Brian Loewe, Electronic Camera, Tim O’neill, Electronic Camera, David Weeks, Electronic Camera, Paul Wileman, Electronic Camera, Brad Zerbst, Electronic Camera
The Montel Williams Show (Syndication), Isabella N. Rupp, Technical Director, Barry Fialk, Electronic Camera, Jeff Gentile, Electronic Camera, Frank Lombardo, Electronic Camera, Victor Longtin, Electronic Camera, Matt Lassandro, Electronic Camera, Rob Salmanca, Electronic Camera
The Oprah Winfrey Show (Syndication), Annette Deshotels, Technical Director, Wade Bobbitt, Senior Video, Roy Otake, Video Control, Patrick Rondou, Electronic Camera, Richard Mort, Electronic Camera, John Dickinson, Electronic Camera, Joe Pausback, Electronic Camera, Marc Claussen, Electronic Camera, Michael Maier, Electronic Camera, Jamel Ware, Electronic Camera, Michael Frehe, Electronic Camera, Marty Muzik, Electronic Camera, Wynn Griffiths, Electronic Camera, Mike Clay, Electronic Camera, Clark Gray, Electronic Camera, Tommi Skinner, Electronic Camera
Sesame Street (PBS), Tom Guadarrama, Technical Director, Dan Stewart, Technical Director, Richie Wirth, Technical Director, Jim Meek, Senior Video, Frank Biondo, Electronic Camera, Jerry Cancel, Electronic Camera, Jimmy O’donnell, Electronic Camera, Kevin Burke, Electronic Camera
The View (ABC), Rene M. Butler, Technical Director, Nick Besink, Senior Video, Peter Blumenthal, Senior Video, Rich Cavaliere, Electronic Camera, Frank Cocchia, Electronic Camera, Reggie Drakeford, Electronic Camera, Rich Freedman, Electronic Camera, Russ Fortier, Electronic Camera, Eric Kendra, Electronic Camera, Denis Linehan, Electronic Camera, Trevor Thompson, Electronic Camera, Glen Friedman, Electronic Camera, Greg Ciccone, Electronic Camera
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Syndication), Manse Sharp, Iii, Technical Director, Ron Washburn, Electronic Camera, Bruce Novich, Electronic Camera, James Miller, Electronic Camera, Jim Tufaro, Electronic Camera, Eric Kendra, Electronic Camera, William Akerlund, Electronic Camera, Barry Considine, Electronic Camera, Michael Cunningham, Electronic Camera, Keith Conod, Electronic Camera, Frank Bourassa, Electronic Camera, Yoneet Commare, Senior Video

Outstanding Achievement In Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control For A Drama Series
All My Children (ABC), Howard Zweig, Technical Director, Michael V. Pomarico, Technical Director, Virginia Higgins, Senior Video Control, Adam Keith, Electronic Camera, Chris Mauro, Electronic Camera, Robert Ambrico, Electronic Camera, Eric Johnson, Electronic Camera, Mary Mcilwain, Electronic Camera, Tom Shepard, Electronic Camera, George Montanez, Electronic Camera
As The World Turns (CBS), John Kokinis, Technical Director, Warren Armstrong, Video Control, Robert Bellairs, Electronic Camera, Joseph Debonis, Electronic Camera, Barbara J. Langdon, Electronic Camera, Greg Saccaro, Electronic Camera
Guiding Light (CBS), Robert F. Eastman, Technical Director, Howard C. Rosenzweig, Senior Video, Bill Vignari, Senior Video, Jerry Gruen, Electronic Camera, Mark Schneider, Electronic Camera, Tom Stallone, Electronic Camera, Judith Willinger, Electronic Camera, Gary Jelaso, Electronic Camera
The Young And The Restless (CBS), Tracy Lawrence, Technical Director, Robert Bosio, Senior Video, Scha Jani, Senior Video, John Bromberek, Electronic Camera, Luis Godinez, Jr., Electronic Camera, Kai Kim, Electronic Camera, Dean Lamont, Electronic Camera

Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team
As The World Turns (CBS), Jean Passanante, Head Writer, Leah Laiman, Co-Head Writer, Christopher Whitesell, Co-Head Writer, Lisa Connor, Associate Head Writer, Paula Cwikly, Associate Head Writer, Charlotte Gibson, Associate Head Writer, Trent Jones, Associate Head Writer, Frederick Johnson, Associate Head Writer, Hogan Sheffer, Associate Head Writer, Susan Dansby, Writer, Courtney Simon, Writer, Judy Donato, Writer, Josh Griffith, Writer, Lynn Martin, Writer, Elizabeth Page, Writer, Melissa Salmons, Writer, Judy Tate, Writer
The Bold And The Beautiful (CBS), Bradley Bell, Head Writer, Michael Minnis, Writer, Tracey Ann Kelly, Writer, Patrick Mulcahey, Writer, Rex M. Best, Writer, Chris Abbott, Writer, John Chambers, Writer, Jerry Birn, Writer, Elizabeth Snyder, Writer, One Life To Live (ABC) , Dena Higley, Head Writer, Ron Carlivati, Writer, Shelly Altman, Writer, Anna Theresa Cascio, Writer, Tom Casiello, Writer, Janet Iacobuzio, Writer, Michelle Poteet Lisanti, Writer, Fran Myers, Writer, Ginger Redmon, Writer, Carolyn Culliton, Writer, Daniel S. Griffin, Writer, John Loprieno, Writer, Christopher Van Etten, Writer, Mark Christopher, Writer, Leslie Nipkow, Writer, James Harmon Brown, Writer, Barbara Esensten, Writer
The Young And The Restless (CBS), Kay Alden, Head Writer, John F. Smith, Head Writer, Jim Houghton, Writer, Natalie Minardi Slater, Writer, Sally Sussman Morina, Writer, Sara A. Bibel, Writer, Janice Ferri, Writer, Eric Freiwald, Writer, Linda Schreiber, Writer, Joshua S. Mccaffrey, Writer, Marc Hertz, Writer, Sandra Weintraub, Writer

Outstanding Writing In A Children’s Series
Between The Lions (PBS), Norman Stiles, Head Writer, Louise Gikow, Writer, Christopher Cerf, Writer, Gentry Menzel, Writer, Bill Shribman, Writer, Sarah Durkee, Writer
Sesame Street (PBS), Lou Berger, Head Writer, Judy Freudberg, Head Writer, Joey Mazzarino, Writer, Christine Ferraro, Writer, Belinda Ward, Writer, Molly Boylan, Writer, Annie Evans, Writer, Tony Geiss, Writer, Luis Santeiro, Writer, Emily Kingsley, Writer, John Weidman, Writer
Strange Days At Blake Holsey High (NBC),Jeff F. King, Head Writer, Jennifer Kennedy, Writer, Jeffrey Alan Schechter, Writer, Therese Beaupre, Writer, Jim Rapsas, Writer

Outstanding Special Class Writing
Animal Rescue (Syndication), Alex Paen, Writer
The Ellen Degeneres Show (Syndication), Karen Kilgariff, Head Writer, Karen Anderson, Writer, Danny Breen, Writer, Margaret Smith, Writer, Alison Balian, Writer, Danny Ceballos, Writer, Liz Feldman, Writer, Greg Fitzsimmons, Writer, Jill Kushner, Writer, Ellen Degeneres, Writer

33rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Network Totals
CBS – 59
Syndicated – 46
ABC – 37
PBS – 31
NBC – 20
Discovery Kids – 7
Food Network – 7
Kids Wb – 6
Cartoon Network – 3
Nickelodeon – 3
Soap Net – 3
A&E – 2
Nick Jr. – 2
Showtime – 2
Women’s Entertainment – 2
American Movie Classics – 1
Discovery Health – 1
Disney Channel – 1
The Learning Channel – 1
The Travel Channel – 1
WB Network – 1

33rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Multiple Nominations

The Young And The Restless

Guiding Light

As The World Turns
General Hospital

The Ellen Degeneres Show

Sesame Street
The View

The Bold And The Beautiful

One Life To Live
The Oprah Winfrey Show
All My Children
Days Of Our Lives

Dr. Phil
Jakers! The Adventures Of Piggley Winks
33Rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards
Multiple Nominations

Between The Lions
The Price Is Right
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
30 Minute Meals With Rachael Ray
79Th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
9/11 Memorial From Ground Zero
Animal Rescue
Baby Looney Tunes
The Batman
Coconut Fred’s Fruit Salad Island!
Dora The Explorer
Edge Of America
Endurance: Tehachapi
Essence Of Emeril With Emeril Lagasse
Everyday Italian With Giada Delaurentis
Full Frontal Fashion
Inside This Old House
Live With Regis & Kelly
Saving A Species: Sharks At Risk
Soap Talk
Starting Over
Strange Days At Blake Holsey High
Suze Orman: For The Young, Fabulous & Broke
This Old House
Tournament Of Roses Parade, 117Th
Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade, 2005