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Echoes of 2000

Nader could nag Gore again with competing docs

Six years after the 2000 presidential election, Al Gore again looks like a favorite among voters.

And his thunder may be stolen again by … Ralph Nader.

Thanks to a strange coincidence — or the Academy’s delicious sense of irony — Gore’s environmental doc “An Inconvenient Truth” could be pitted against the Nader pic “An Unreasonable Man” come Oscar time.

Both pics have made the 15-film shortlist –the primary, if you will –for Oscar’s doc race.

“Unreasonable,” which covers Nader from his days as a consumer advocate and was picked up last week by IFC for a pre-Oscar race release, actually doesn’t have Nader’s imprimatur. In fact, it’s critical of his decision to stay in the 2000 race.

But the possibility that voters could be tempted by another socially conscious doc –and one that features Nader, no less — could be enough to make the former veep quake in front of his line graphs.

Of course, if Nader hadn’t influenced the election, Gore might have been prez — and wouldn’t have had time to make “Truth” in the first place.

Which may be why, so far, there’s been no call for Nader to withdraw.