The Directors Guild of America has tapped Carl Reiner to receive an Honorary Life Member Award in recognition of his service to the Guild.

The Guild also announced Tuesday that Paris Barclay and Taylor Hackford will receive the 2006 Robert B. Aldrich Service Award. Stage manager/associate director Terry Benson has been selected for the Franklin J. Schaffner Achievement Award, and George Paul will receive the 2006 lifetime achievement award in news direction.

The kudos will be given at the 59th annual DGA Awards on Feb. 3 at the Century Plaza Hotel with Reiner hosting for the 20th consecutive time. The multi-hypenate has won 12 Emmy Awards.

Barclay received a DGA Award and two Emmys for his work on “NYPD Blue.” Barclay’s served on the DGA’s African-American Steering Committee since 1993; he was elected to the national board as an alternate in 1997 and served as third VP from 1999 to 2005, when he became first VP.

Hackford won an Oscar in 1979 for best live-action short film, “Teenage Father” and was nominated last year for directing and producing “Ray.” He’s been the DGA’s third VP, chairs the DGA’s political action committee and co-chairs the DGA PAC Leadership Council with Barclay.

Benson has been in the DGA for over 35 years and spent much of his career in public television at PBS’ Channel Thirteen/WNET in New York, where he was shop steward, organizer and negotiator. At the Guild, he served on numerous committees and on the national board.

Paul has worked in TV news for nearly 50 years and continues to direct for ABC’s “20/20” and “Primetime.” He’s only the fifth DGA member to receive the award for news direction, and has served as a national board member representing the Midwest since the 1960s.