AFI luncheon takes it easy

Laudatory luncheon for awards bunch

WHAT: AFI Awards 2005 luncheon

WHO: Cast and crew from the American Film Institute’s 10 winning films and TV shows (announced Dec. 12); Universal’s Ron Meyer and Stacey Snider, WB’s Alan Horn, New Line’s Rolf Mittweg and Toby Emmerich, Lionsgate’s Tom Ortenberg, Sony Classics’ Tom Bernard and Michael Barker and Showtime’s Bob Greenblatt; plus AFI jury heads Martha Coolidge (film) and Marshall Herskovitz (TV)

WHERE: Four Seasons Hotel in BevHills on Friday

TO LOOK GOOD IS TO FEEL GOOD: “This is a day to relax,” AFI honcho Jean Picker Firstenberg told the lunch rush. “You are not here because of what might (soon) be revealed in an envelope, or how you look — though you look great.”