Cult Thai helmer Wisit Sasanatieng will take his color-saturated view of life to Singapore, directing “Armful,” a stylized tragicomedy set up at One Ton Cinema.

A revenge tale about a failed paper merchant who loses his arm, pic was developed at One Ton, a new shingle run by a group of former commercials industry creatives. Script in Mandarin Chinese was developed by Kevin WY Lee.

“We approached Wisit to direct ‘Armful’ precisely because of the surreal and absurdist approach to storytelling he showed in his first two films,” Lee said.

Sasanatieng’s debut movie, “Tears of the Black Tiger,” was a candy-coated tribute to the Thai Western genre. It was picked up by Miramax in territories including North and South America and Scandinavia.

Sophomore effort “Citizen Dog,” a contempo Bangkok romantic comedy, was distributed in multiple territories by Luc Besson’s Paris-based EuropaCorp.

One Ton is pitching the new project as Southeast Asian rather than Singaporean and will attach regional co-production partners and an international sales company at the Hong Kong Filmart this month. Aim is to raise a healthier budget for special effects than on the ultra-low-budget “Dog.”