InDplay flies rights site

Netco open for business

San Francisco-based inDplay, which runs an online rights management system, said Monday that its Web-based film rights trading marketplace is open for business.

InDplay.com provides a buyer-seller negotiation process and a contract, rights and payments management system that allow buyers and sellers to negotiate, license and settle payments online for specific rights.

According to inDplay execs, the service enables film distributors to rapidly expand their portfolios in a cost-effective and streamlined fashion.

Company CEO Goetz Weber said that “increasing rights’ liquidity on a worldwide scale, with greater success for both buyers and sellers, is inDplay’s mission.”

For the moment, an inDplay spokesman said, the company is offering free trials to everyone. Eventually, buyers will pay a subscription fee to use the service. In addition, the company will eventually charge sellers a small commission for deals that close through its system.

InDplay would not say how many distribs have preliminarily signed up for the service. Company execs said their system of rights trading online is not a threat to current film industry confabs or trade shows.

“Acquisitions execs and sales agents will still want to meet filmmakers in person, screen films and network at these events. InDplay will accelerate and streamline the acquisitions process and should be viewed as a complementary product,” the spokesman added.