He’s out there, Moore or less

NY Times, MooreWatch.com have hard time finding helmer

Michael Moore has been laying unusually low while shooting his healthcare expose “Sicko” for the Weinstein Co., but he surfaced briefly last week — albeit in print.

Moore lent his John Hancock to a petition asking the publicly financed Smithsonian Institution to rescind its partnership with Showtime Networks. More than 215 reality auteurs assert that the pact will hinder documakers’ access to Smithsonian archives and other resources.

But the outsized Moore has otherwise been mum, and “Sicko” has no release date on the Weinsteins’ slate as yet.

Reporters from the New York Times have been trying to piece together a story on his whereabouts, with no luck, sources say. The lefty gadfly’s absence has even put a significant dent in the anti-Michael Moore industry.

MooreWatch.com, which claims to be “watching Michael Moore’s every move,” hasn’t spotted the docmaker at all lately.

A recent post on the site reads, “With Moore keeping kind of a low profile (aside from his ignoring certain stories and only showing the ones that promote his agenda on his site) I had some time on my hands while recuperating from the flu. While watching latenight TV and waiting for my cough medicine to start working, I saw one of these cheesy phone date commercials and it got me thinking …”

The site’s next post claimed MooreWatch.com could not pay its bills, and would possibly disappear unless fans sent money.

But the reason for the site’s woes is even more ironic than Moore’s disappearance.

“This could not come at a worse time for me,” wrote webmaster JimK. “I’m fairly broke, and my wife has been in the hospital way too often in the last month. They raised the cost of our health insurance by about $1,500 a year and this year our mortgage increased as well. Now Donna needs tests that aren’t covered by the insurance.”

Maybe Moore should come out of hiding to put JimK in “Sicko.”