Tweens and teens show their moves in a dance competition. The show is inspired by the videogame franchise, Dance Dance Revolution. The show features kid-friendly celebrity judges as kids dance to the tunes of house band Slumber Party Girls. This show is part of the three-hour programming block on CBS Saturday mornings.


DIC and Geffen Records team up to create SPG, a multitalented and multi-ethnic group that sings, dances and acts. The group will host the new CBS Saturday morning block “KOL Secret Slumber Party,” a collaboration between DIC, AOL’s kids site KOL and CBS. SPG will appear on 26 half-hour episodes of “Dance Revolution.” The music for “Dance Revolution” is all original, produced by Ron Fair — a multiple Grammy nominee who discovered Christina Aguilera, and works with the Black Eyed Peas, the Pussycat Dolls, Keyshia Cole and Vanessa Carlton — and Stephanie Ridel, formerly of Wild Orchid.


Barbara Miller and Maia Terzian have created a live-action show-within-a-show about a teen girl named Cake who hosts a cable access show, Cake TV, with the help of her three best friends. The show is produced out of Cake’s grandmother’s old Airstream trailer and shows the audience clever craft projects involving ordinary, everyday items like T-shirts, CD cases and lamp shades. This show also is part of the three-hour programming block on CBS Saturday mornings.


DIC partners with legendary investor Warren Buffett to create a direct-to-DVD animated series, “The Secret Millionaire’s Club.” The series, which will consist of 13 titles, will promote financial literacy to kids. Buffett lends his words, voice and likeness to the project, which follows four kids as they try to save a Youth Center that faces extinction at the hands of an unscrupulous developer. Each week Buffett guides the kids to discovering new aspects of his investment philosophy and helps them learn sound financial management skills.

Heyward says the series will fill a much-needed void in children’s education. “Kids get credit cards sent to them the day they graduate high school, they don’t even know how to balance a checkbook but they just got approved for $2,000 in credit,” he says. “Six months later they find themselves in trouble.”


This live-action sitcom finds a group of talented teens running a record company, dealing with the challenges of managing talent and marketing records while still finding time to make football practice and doing trigonometry homework. This project is based on an idea by Ron Fair and co-produced with Geffen Records.


Celebrated chef Wolfgang Puck joins a wacky world of animated personalities. Squash-and-stretch-style animation delivers humor as well as vital nutritional information.


This series involves ferocious dinosaurs that are kidnapped from prehistoric Earth and unleashed into the present-day world. The theme: It’s up to three courageous kids to rescue the dinos and return them to their rightful time and place in this animated series. DIC is partnering with Japan’s Sega on this one.