‘Lost’ tech game will go global

Viewers will have to share info online to solve mystery

With ABC, U.K.’s Channel 4 and Australia’s Seven Network leading the way, 20 broadcasters around the world will launch “Lost Experience,” a high-tech game based on the Alphabet series “Lost.”

Billed as the largest global interactive challenge based on a TV series, the game has different clues that will be released in various countries, forcing viewers worldwide to share information online to solve the mystery.

Clues will first appear Tuesday in the U.K., May 3 in the U.S. and May 4 in Australia.

“Lost” is the fastest-selling TV series in Buena Vista Intl. Television’s history, having been licensed in more than 210 territories.

The marketing initiative incorporates broadcasters from five continents, following a parallel storyline not featured in the TV show.

In the Asia Pacific region, AXN, Channel 5 Singapore, New Zealand’s TVNZ, South Korea’s CJ Media and Star India will take part.

Targeting “Lost” aficionados and novices, ABC said no prior knowledge of the show is necessary; the game is a hook to win new viewers as well as entertain existing fans.

“It’s like a giant, mysterious jigsaw puzzle that will come to life for all the world to solve, whether you are a fan of the TV series or not,” said Mike Benson, ABC Entertainment senior VP of marketing.

“Lost Experience” also takes account of different broadcast windows around the world and does not depend on information specific to either season.

Although the challenge is Internet-based, organizers said clues may appear on other platforms or new media.

“As part of the unique marketing initiative, ‘Lost Experience’ gives the mystery, intrigue, twist and turns that ‘Lost’ provides as a television series,” Benson added.

“This additional form of storytelling is part of the future of great TV drama, and we are thrilled to be onboard,” said Tim Worner, director of programming and production for Oz’s Seven.